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5 No-No’s for Opening a Wine Bottle without a Corkscrew


5 No-No’s for Opening a Wine Bottle without a Corkscrew

Most wine lovers have had the unpleasant experience of trying to open a wine bottle without having a corkscrew. It can be done, but often the ways can compromise your surrounding or even the wine itself. Many wine lovers wouldn’t even think of opening their wine without the traditional method of opening it with a corkscrew. However, if you find yourself without a corkscrew, and desperately find yourself needing to open a wine bottle, then below are 5 no-no’s for opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

Holding it upside down

Whatever method you try to employ when opening a wine bottle, try to ensure that it does not require the bottle to be held or placed upside down. Though desperate times call for desperate measures, this could only lead to a bad situation. If you are able to open the wine, but it is upside down, then the wine will simply drain from the bottle and be wasted. Whatever method you try to employ to open the wine, just try and ensure it is in a up-right position.

Not having it held in place

A corkscrew allows for a bottle of wine to be held firmly when being opened, but in the absence of one, you should still try to ensure that the wine is in a stable position. This will ensure the area surrounding you isn’t stained or that your clothing is left intact as well. As with the above suggestion it will also prevent any wine from being spilled or wasted.

Do not use flame

Though this may seem like common sense—open flame should never be around any type of alcohol. Alcohol is an extremely flammable liquid and, even if in a container, can quickly cause a fire to ignite and spread. Do not compromise the safety of yourself and those around you when trying to enjoy a glass of wine.

Don’t push cork into wine

Whatever item you try to use as a substitute of a corkscrew—whether a hammer, nail, or screwdriver—make sure it doesn’t cause the cork to crumble or break apart too much. This will only cause the cork to fall and contaminate the wine. Try to remove the cork in a way that is removed easily and still in one piece.

If your wine doesn’t have a cork…

If your wine doesn’t require a corkscrew and you are able to open it in a simpler manner, such as simply twisting off the top, then you probably should purchase a new wine anyway and leave that one to sit. Not requiring a corkscrew is usually an indication of a cheaper wine that isn’t worth drinking if you are a true wine lover. If, however, that is the type of wine you prefer, then by all means—enjoy.

The best method of opening a bottle of wine is through the traditional use of a corkscrew. It preserves the taste and integrity of the wine so that you can enjoy it to its utmost capacity. If you find yourself without a corkscrew, you can always order a new one here.