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Best Holiday Wine Choices


Best Holiday Wine Choices

Celebrating during the holidays can be fun, but choosing the right wine can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The holidays are great occasions to celebrate and drink both red and white wines. Here are some of the best holiday wine choices.

Before choosing a wine for the holidays, think about what kind of meals you are going to prepare. Heartier foods require a heavier wine, whereas lighter foods require a lighter wine. It’s important to make sure they compliment one another without taking away any of the flavor.


Thanksgiving is a time of delicious, hearty foods. When eating heavy food, you should pair with a red wine. Red wines that go well with a big turkey meal would be a Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Merlot.

These red wines compliment a hearty meal without adding to the heaviness. They can be intense and fruity, which is perfect for bringing out the meaty taste of the turkey. You don’t want something too dry because it can dry out the meat as well.

Pumpkin pie is a must on Thanksgiving. You don’t want a wine that is going to be too sweet and overpower your dessert. Try a sweet Riesling; it is a light wine that will be like the whipped cream on top of your pie.


Around Christmas time, red wines also go well with a big, main course. Roast beef is a common meal made during Christmas and if there’s gravy involved, Bordeaux will be perfect. A red Bordeaux wine is often times used in cooking and paired with roast beef, which will be perfect for a Christmas dinner.

If you’re having ham for Christmas, take into consideration that it’s often dry and salty meat. Serve a red sparkling wine to add a flavorful aftertaste. If you don’t want a red wine, serve a dry white wine to bring out the tastes of the ham.

New Years

New Year’s celebrations are often times more lively. It’s a time of loud excitement, so you want something to compliment that sensation. Champagne is the most common drink of the New Year because it’s bubbly, exciting, and makes people want to move around and mingle.

Serving your wine in the right glass can also help your guests better experience your wine choice. Crystal glasses are cold and elegant and drinking out them can make you feel powerful. Make sure your guests are comfortable and want to stick around by using the right kind of glassware.

These holiday wine choices can make your celebration fun and eventful. Experiencing the right kind of wine with certain types of food can be key to a successful dinner. Don’t be afraid to try something new either.

Holidays are perfect for getting everyone together and experiencing what the world of wine has to offer. Depending on your meal and occasion, the perfect wine may not be what you expected. These wine choices can help you determine which one will be perfect for your holiday celebration.