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How Do I Get a Broken Cork Out of a Wine Bottle?


Opening a bottle of wine can be a delightful experience until you encounter a broken cork. This unexpected obstacle doesn't have to ruin your evening. With the right techniques and a bit of patience, you can safely and successfully remove that broken cork from your wine bottle.

Dealing with a broken cork in your wine bottle can be a frustrating experience, but fear not, because there are several methods you can try to salvage your precious vino.

How Do I Get a Broken Cork Out of a Wine Bottle?

In this guide, we'll walk you through various techniques to safely remove a broken cork from a wine bottle. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or just someone who enjoys an occasional glass, these methods will help you rescue your wine without compromising its quality.

Tools and Materials

Tool/Material Description
Needle or Screw For creating a grip on the cork.
Pliers or Tongs To hold onto the cork securely.
A Clean Cloth or Towel For a better grip and protection.
A Wine Decanter In case you need to transfer the wine.
Patience An essential ingredient for success.


Try the Corkscrew Again

If you're faced with a broken cork, the first step is to try using a corkscrew again. Here's how:

  • Select the Right Corkscrew: Opt for a sturdy corkscrew with a spiral that can grip onto the cork fragments.
  • Insert Gently: Carefully insert the corkscrew into the center of the broken cork, ensuring it catches onto the cork's remnants.
  • Twist Slowly: With gentle, consistent pressure, twist the corkscrew clockwise to pull out the cork. Be patient and avoid applying excessive force.

Using a Screw and Hammer

When a corkscrew fails, you can resort to using a screw and hammer. This method can be effective but requires caution:

  • Insert the Screw: Choose a screw with coarse threads and carefully insert it into the broken cork.
  • Secure with Pliers: Use pliers to grip the screw tightly, ensuring it doesn't slip out.
  • Leverage the Hammer: Holding onto the pliers, gently tap the screw with a hammer. The cork should start to come out as you apply pressure.

Filter and Decanter Method

If you're worried about cork bits ending up in your wine, the filter and decanter method is a great option:

  • Filter: Use a fine mesh strainer or coffee filter to pour the wine back into a glass or another container. This will catch any remaining cork pieces.
  • Decant the Wine: Pour the wine into a decanter, slowly and steadily, allowing any cork fragments to settle at the bottle's neck.

Knife Method

A knife can be a handy tool to extract a broken cork:

  • Use a Long Knife: Choose a long, thin knife, like a butter knife.
  • Insert Carefully: Insert the knife blade into the cork at an angle, making sure not to push it too deep.
  • Twist and Pull: Gently twist the knife while pulling upward to lift the cork fragments out of the bottle.

Pushing the Cork Out of the Bottle

In some cases, pushing the cork into the bottle can be a viable solution:

  • Use a Rod or Stick: Find a clean rod or stick that can fit into the bottle's neck.
  • Push Gently: Insert the rod or stick into the bottle and gently push the cork down into the wine. This is a last resort, as it may affect the wine's taste.

Hot Water Method

If you're comfortable with a little heat, the hot water method can help push the cork up:

  • Boil Water: Boil a small pot of water and let it cool slightly.
  • Dip the Neck: Carefully dip the bottle's neck into the hot water for a few minutes.
  • The heat will expand the air inside, pushing the cork upward.


Is Wine Ruined if the Cork Breaks?

No, a broken cork doesn't necessarily ruin the wine. By using one of the methods mentioned above, you can salvage the wine and enjoy it without any issues.

Can You Remove a Cork from a Bottle Without Breaking the Glass?

Yes, the methods described here can help you remove a broken cork without damaging the bottle.

Can I Drink Wine With a Cork in the Bottle?

Drinking wine with a cork inside is not recommended, as it can affect the wine's flavor and aroma. It's best to remove the cork before enjoying your wine.

Is it OK To Push Cork into a Wine Bottle?

Pushing the cork into the bottle should be a last resort, as it may alter the wine's taste and texture. It's preferable to use one of the other methods mentioned above to extract the cork.


A broken cork doesn't have to spell the end of your wine-drinking experience. With the right techniques and a little patience, you can safely remove the broken cork and savor your wine without any cork-related complications. Cheers to enjoying your favorite vino hassle-free!