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Mojita-mazing! It’s National Rum Day!


As if we ever needed a new excuse to drink liquor, August 16 is National Rum Day and it would be a crime to neglect this delicious Caribbean spirit on its special day.

There’s no denying that very little can beat a simple Cuba Libre – dark or light rum and cola poured over generous servings of ice and garnished with a wedge of lime. If this is your rum tipple of choice than have at it (and maybe try the Rock-Ice Cubes to avoid watering down that rich rum flavor), but if you’re looking for something a little more special, why not ramp up your Mojito game?

The mouthwatering minty classic

In its traditional form, a Mojito is white rum stirred with mint leaves, sugar and lime juice, poured into a tall glass and topped up with club soda. It’s light, refreshing and zingy and is the perfect cocktail to wake you up on a sluggish summer afternoon.

To make it you’ll need a few key rum products:

1. Cocktail shaker
2. Muddler
3. Jigger
4. Lime juicer

Mojitos are incredibly quick and simple to make and don’t require any exotic cocktail techniques. If you’re planning on making the cocktails for lots of guests you could even miss out the cocktail shaker and pour all the ingredients into a large jug, just don’t forget to muddle the mint leaves to release their flavor and give the whole thing a good stir through before serving.

Mix up the Mojito flavor

If you fancy putting a twist on the Mojito it’s incredibly easy to adapt the simple recipe by adding flavored syrups or swapping the limes for another fruit. Raspberry works particularly well with the fresh mint, while strawberry can give the drink a sweeter taste. You could also try mango to make the drink truly tropical. For more ideas we recommend you take a look at one of our favorite rum products here at Wine Devices, Kim Haasarud’s recipe book “101 Mojitos and Other Muddler Drinks.”

Why not buy in a few different fruits and syrups and let your guests choose the flavor of their own Mojitos? Someone might stumble upon some genius flavor combos, and you can sit back and sip your rum cocktail while they do all the hard work. Enjoy National Rum Day!