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Tips for Preserving Wine


Tips for Preserving Wine

Do you have trouble storing your wine? Does it get bad before you go to open it? If you can’t seem to find the proper way to preserve your wine, then read through these tips and see if any of them can help you understand the proper way to store your wine.

Put the Cork in Right 

There is a clean side and a tainted side to a cork. Even though it might be tempting to put the clean side into the bottle because it fits better, resist the urge and put the tainted side back into the bottle. The tainted side has already been exposed to the wine and the wine tasted just fine before. You don’t want to ruin the rest of the wine by putting the wrong side of the cork in.

Put it in the Refrigerator

Some people like to put their leftover wine on the counter, but the fact of the matter is that you probably wouldn’t do this with any other opened drink or food. Put the wine in the fridge so that the cool temperature can slow the exposed wine from breaking down. You’ll be happy that you did it.

Use Smaller, Screw-top Bottles 

Air exposure causes wine to flatten rather quickly, so use a funnel to pour the rest of the wine into a screw-top half bottle. This will lessen the wine’s exposure to air even if there is a little bit of air left at the top of the bottle. The wine will remain fresh and will last longer.

Use a Coravin 

A Coravin is a device that pierces through the cork with a needle and fills the top of the bottle with argon gas. This will allow you to pour the wine that you want, pull the needle out and let the cork seal naturally. This is especially useful to wine sellers who put the wine back on the shelf after selling a glass of it.

Finish the Bottle 

A regular sized bottle of wine contains about five glasses in it. This is easy to finish if you five dinner guests who all drink wine. However, if it’s just you, it might not be a good idea to finish the entire bottle. If you have one other person with you, then drink two glasses and split the last glass. Studies have shown that a few glasses of wine a day can actually help the heart significantly.

Hopefully, these tips to preserving wine will allow you to re-use your leftover wine bottles time after time. While a Coravin seems to be the most effective measure, any one of these tips can be used to re-package the delicate drink. If you know you aren’t going to finish a bottle of wine the same day that you open it, then you may want to make sure that it wasn’t an expensive bottle. Whether you re-cork, cool or transfer the wine to another bottle, these methods of preservation will save you tons of money in the long run, especially if the bottles you’re drinking out of are rather expensive.