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Top 5 Holiday Gifts for the Wine Lover


Top 5 Holiday Gifts for the Wine Lover

Holiday shopping can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to having to find that perfect gifts for your family and friends. But never fear! Are any of the gift-receivers in your life a lover of wine? Do they spend long hours relaxing in the afternoon—a glass of their favorite wine in hand? Or do they have a plethora of wine paraphernalia littering every corner of their home? If this sounds like someone in your life, then your holiday shopping may just have become an easier affair than you originally thought. Below is a list of the top five holiday gifts for the wine lover in your life.

Wine Tasting Journal

What wine lover doesn’t love a good wine tasting experience? With a wine tasting journal, such as the one from, an individual can keep a chronological log of their thrilling wine tasting experience. This way they will be able to recount the tale for years to come. Also with such a journal, someone who frequents wine tasting events can keep track of what wines suited their palate and compare them to future events. It may become their own personal reference sheets of wines they enjoyed and ones they wish to purchase in full one day.

Wine Stain Remover

Have you ever spilled wine, not to mention red wine, on your clothing or carpet before? Well, if you haven’t, the wine lover in your life probably has. Why don’t you save the fabric in their life by giving them a wine stain remover for the holidays? There is a variety to choose among and they can be used for other stains, such as coffee, as well. (Buy)

Wine and Food Matching Guide  

Does the wine lover in your life like to throw parties, no matter what time of year, that revolve around wine? Even for a seasoned wine lover at times it may be difficult to match foods so that they can accompany and compliment different types of wine. There are guides available that recommend different foods and wines that go well together, and such a guide would make the perfect holiday gift. (Buy)

Wine tags

If the wine lover in your life has an immeasurable amount of wine stored in their home, then one holiday gift you may want to consider getting for them is wine tags. This will allow wines to be organized and easily identified, even when stored out-of-site or on a wine rack. It will prevent someone from randomly having to rifle through wines, which may save time and effort. Any wine lover would painstakingly adopt this method of organization and be grateful for such a thoughtful gift. (Buy)

Wine décor

If all else fails, then you can always purchase the wine lover in your life a piece of art, or other type of home décor, that is associated with wine. You can never get too much of something you love, so even if they already have a ton of similar types of items, they would gladly welcome such a gift. A common example would be a painting of a bottle of wine, or something to that effect.  

If you follow a few of these suggestions you are bound of give the wine lover in your life a gift they will cherish forever. However, gifts are all about the thought, that being said anything you decide on will be perfect.