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Our sturdy acrylic shot glasses from Wine Devices are bargain buys with custom imprinting available on large orders. The 2-ounce acrylic shot glass has lines to help you measure 1- and 2-ounce pours. Each shot glass stands 2 1/4 inches high. These shot glasses are available in clear acrylic or translucent colors. We also have inexpensive three-piece acrylic shot glass sets with three 2-ounce drink measuring glasses per card.

For specialty shots, consider our arctic gel acrylic shot glass. An outer wall on each shot glass is filled with a non-toxic gel to serve extra cold drink shots. Our gelatin shot glasses with inserts make it easy to mix, freeze and then pop out perfectly formed gelatin shots. For large events or outdoor festivals, consider our disposable plastic shot glasses in sets of 20 or 100.
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