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Champagne Gift Sets

There is no doubt about the credibility of champagne. It is by far the bubbliest in the collection. Quite (un)ironically, it is meant for the bubbliest of the social lot too! 

What are Champagne Gift Accessories? 

In today’s times, though, having just the champagne doesn’t cut it. Add-ons, pluses, and of course, accessories are just as important. Before we get started on the list, let’s address the elephant in the room—who needs a champagne gift set and accessories?

Who Needs a Champagne Gift Set? 

The best part about champagne gift sets is their universality of them. You practically don’t even need an excuse to get one. Unsurprisingly, you don’t even need it to cater to any specific audience!

Getting something for a bubbly friend or family member? Or perhaps, want to add the icing on the cake of a champagne-themed party? Or maybe, someone you know is turning legal-drinking age, and what better way to commemorate this? Or maybe you are just wanting to spoil yourself with something that you can use while spending time in the bathtub!

As you can see, the champagne gift set is meant for one and all. As long as you cover the grounds of drinking (legally speaking), you can get a gift set for anyone, and for any occasion!

What Type of Champagne Accessories can be Gifted?

Champagne accessories come in a myriad range of shapes and sizes. Don’t get carried away though—they are just as practical. Each has its own purpose, and you’d be amazed to see how many even exist in the first place. Glasses, openers, stoppers—the list is endless. However, here are the most sought-after ones. 


In order to enjoy your champagne, it needs to be at the right temperature. Call us snobs, but we’d hate it if our champagne starts to go flat or bad. This is why chillers are important. Chillers come in a few flavors. If you aren’t up for the bucket, you can always get the sleeve! The choices are endless.

Not only do chillers keep your champagne in cold temperatures, but it also happens to be just as portable. Which means—out for a backyard party? Or a picnic? You have your most appropriate accessory for it!

Openers and Stoppers

If you have a reason to look forward to the next day—perhaps the mundane nature of work or something similar—you can’t be drinking excessively, right? This is where stoppers come in handy. They are pretty small and compact devices that keep your over-boozing at bay by sealing the drink. The flavor stays the same too!

Just because you’re heading towards work, doesn’t mean you won’t be back home. Once you’re back in the comforts of your corner, you will yet again need a taste of that beautiful bubble. If you have put a stop on it, you can always use an opener to resume the proverbial partly. This is exactly why having an opener is just as important as having a stopper. 


Surely, you don’t drink it, right out of the bottle? Where do you pour your drinks? What is it that you need? Yes—some fancy accessory glasses. 

Champagne glasses exist in shapes and sizes as flexible as any other element can get. Glass can be molded and melted in shapes that are both desirable and quirky! They also come in a wide spectrum of colors, shapes, and prices. When it comes to champagne glasses, you are the monarch of all you survey!


The craze about champagne should not end just at the drink or container itself. Take it a few levels above. Accessories like merchandise are pretty hip now if you ask us. Don’t believe it? Just look at how innovative champagne socks are!

Not only that, but this idea of champagne-themed merchandise goes beyond the wardrobe! Plushies, toys, and even cushions can be found that are themed around champagnes. What are you waiting for? Hit the stores right away!

Wholesale Champagne Accessories

When you are hitting the stores as we asked you, you’ve got to keep one thing in mind. You might see this as us encouraging you, but champagne accessories don’t just have to be a “one of the above options”, don't they? 

If you are buying accessories, we personally ask you to mix them up a bit. For instance, if you are getting matching glasses for your lover, why not get matching socks too? While you are at it, get it for your friends and their partners too!

You get the drift. Buying champagne accessories in wholesales makes a lot more sense than doing so individually. Not only can you mix and match and give yourself room for flexibility, but in the process, you save a lot of money too! 

Additionally, buying wholesale gives you the opportunity to buy all the champagne-related gifts for your entire group of friends and family. Now THAT calls for a toast!

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