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While stainless steel cocktail shakers have a classic look, many bars and restaurants are opting for materials like acrylic, glass and plastic when it comes to their bar supplies. In addition to being durable, these cocktail shakers are also stylish and sleek, making them the perfect addition to a trendy or elegant setting. And because they're made for high-traffic settings like professional establishments, they'll last for years to help your bartenders serve up top-notch cocktails that are chilled and mixed to perfection.

When choosing from our selection of non-stainless steel shakers, you'll find that many of these products can be customized with laser or screen imprinting. This makes it easy to add branding or a personal touch to your cocktail shakers. So whether your cocktail shakers are being used as a gift or for stocking your bar, you'll be able to leave a lasting impression thanks to our customization options at Wine Devices.

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