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Tavern Cocktail Shaker Set, 24 oz., Stainless Steel

Tavern Cocktail Shaker Set, 24 oz., Stainless Steel

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Product Code: 8407

This classic tavern cocktail shaker set is great for anyone who needs volume, volume, volume! Its stainless steel construction means it will last well through those busy Saturday nights.

But while this is one of Wine Devices' largest shakers, remember to think small when it comes to cocktails. It's often said that you should drink a cocktail quickly, "while it's still laughing at you." This motto, attributed to Harry Craddock of the American Bar in London and author of the Savoy Cocktail Book, is a good rule of thumb in a country where oversized portions are part and parcel. Even if some glasses are named "highball," they may hold more than 12 oz. Keeping your cocktail glasses true to traditional size means your cocktail won't get too warm and diluted, and you won't overindulge.

This set features a base, straining lid, and cap. The cap also works as a measured jigger for up to 1¾ oz. Shaker measures 8 1/8 high and 3 ½" in diameter. Imprinting available. Replacement caps are sold separately.


Imprint area: 1 ¾ "x1" metal laser engraving available