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Corkscrew Gift Sets

Corkscrew Gift Sets

If you're struggling with trying to decide on the best gift for a wine connoisseur, wine server or sommelier, we have the perfect answer for you. We have a wide variety of corkscrew gift sets that any wine lover would enjoy having. Choose from many different styles to fit every personality, from understated to exotic. Many of our sets have special attention to detail, such as fine stained wooden handles, leather cases and a few other accessories on some sets. Each style has its own specifics that make each piece unique. Many of the corkscrew sets have handles of different woods, stains and other materials that are something to appreciate. Even the most economically priced models are of the highest quality, so no matter what your budget is, you'll impress your friend, family member, colleague or client with a wine opener gift set.

You'll find wine tool sets that include a bottle stopper and drip collar (to keep all the wine either in the bottle or in your glass, where it belongs). There are special Capitano waiter's gift sets (for longer corks) and ratchet corkscrew sets. The multi-purpose waiter's corkscrew includes a small blade for cutting the foil and a lever to use as a fulcrum on the bottle's lip as you slowly pull out the cork. For the most serious, there are sets with a thermometer to make sure the wine is served at just the right temperature. There are a wide range of handles available, including rosewood, beechwood, olive wood, aluminum, buffalo horn, stag horn, carbon fiber and acrylic. Certain models come with a custom wood case and leather pouch.

If you're thinking beyond the individual gift, you are on the right track. These corkscrew kits can be ordered individually, but also in quantity - sometimes at a discount - for restaurants and corporate gifts. Order enough for your whole wait staff. Purchase kits as corporate gifts for employees or clients with your company logo etched on the corkscrew. Distribute corkscrew kits to your wine connoisseur club as initiation gifts, or for certain milestones. Do you really need a reason to give out such a useful and appreciated gift?

Where noted, these corkscrews can be personalized with high-quality custom laser engraving of a business logo, with a minimum quantity required for most products. Please contact us for more information.

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