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Wine Decanters & Carafes

You've heard the expression "let it breathe" when referring to a bottle of wine and our selection of decanters will help you do just that. Aeration is important when serving red wine, as it helps to enhance the wine's subtle flavor notes and aroma, offering a more pleasurable experience to the wine drinker. You'll find quite the variety with our selection of high-quality decanters - from elegant and traditional to eclectic and artistic, no matter what style you choose, they'll be sure to enhance the taste of your wine.

Restaurants and bars rely on decanters to present the best flavors possible, which is why we carry such a wide selection. When shopping for decanters, it's important to factor in the ease of use. Depending on your establishment, whether it's always busy or small and intimate, you need to choose the proper equipment for your servers. The Firenze Decanter is perfect for the server who's always on the go, thanks to its long neck and secure hold. This elegant decanter looks great while offering servers an easy pour, especially on those hectic nights.

One of our most popular items is the Classic Decanter with Funnel. The silver-plated funnel works to remove sediment found in the wine, offering a cleaner taste. It also helps to aerate the wine. Its shape makes for a comfortable grip, so servers and bartenders will enjoy this easy-to-use decanter.

Another favorite of bar and restaurant owners is the Tecno Decanter, a stunning piece that's sure to impress. The jug shape, which features an angled opening and straight neck, rests at an angle in a silver-plated stand. The angled position offers a fresh aesthetic while the decanter works to improve the wine's flavor.

Browse our inventory of decanters and you're sure to find just what you're looking for. From practical to decorative, our selection can't be beat. Our imprinting services make it easy to add a custom logo or design to many of our decanters. Contact us to learn more.

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