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Decanting Stands

Wine Decanter Stands

Wine and liquor decanters are always an elegant way to serve wine. Yet cleaning poses a set of challenges that need addressing. The biggest challenge is getting your decanter completely dry without water being trapped inside, leaving spots to form where the remaining water evaporates. Dry your wine decanters in a clean, convenient way with one of these high quality decanting stands from Wine Devices. Our sturdy stands are made especially for wine decanters, and they create a way to raise your glass decanters off of a countertop or table in an inverted position to allow it to air dry in an open area.

Many Wine Devices sturdy and supportive decanting stands are nickel plated for a sterile solution for drying. The stands have silicone caps at the end to keep the nickel-plated post from scratching the decanter's inside. The rigid stand and silicone cap create sturdy support to keep the decanter from moving or shifting while air drying. Order a single decanter drying stem, or several so you can wash and dry all of the restaurant's decanters at the end of each night and know they will be ready for use the next evening.

Buy the decanter drying stem to use with your existing decanters, however we also offer complete decanting sets that include not only the decanting stand, but also the decanter itself and all of the essential accessories. With wholesale prices on high quality wine supplies, Wine Devices makes it affordable to find high quality wine decanting stands online.

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