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Foil Cutters

Wine Foil Cutters

Cutting foil can be time-consuming, frustrating and, if done improperly, even dangerous. To make this part of your Champagne and wine service faster, easier and safer, choose from these foil cutters at Wine Devices. These are the products used by professionals to ensure quick and effective service. They're made to be durable enough for opening multiple bottles per day. Meanwhile, they come from trusted industry brand names like CAP-CUT and Enoteca. With these handy foil cutters, you'll be able to serve customers their favorite drinks in no time. And by ordering from Wine Devices, you'll know you're getting a discounted price whether you're ordering one foil remover or a dozen.

For an added personal touch, be sure to inquire about our imprinting services. Many of our champagne and wine accessories can be customized with a logo, text or other design.

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