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Cutting foil can be time-consuming, frustrating and, if done improperly, even dangerous. To make this part of your Champagne and wine service faster, easier and safer, choose from these foil cutters at Wine Devices. These are the products used by professionals to ensure quick and effective service. They're made to be durable enough for opening multiple bottles per day.

Meanwhile, they come from trusted industry brand names like CAP-CUT and Enoteca. With these handy foil cutters, you'll be able to serve customers their favorite drinks in no time. And by ordering from Wine Devices, you'll know you're getting a discounted price whether you're ordering one foil remover or a dozen.

Wine Foil Cutters

Opening up a bottle of wine can be an involved process, but there are quite a few tools out there designed to make it easier to enjoy a glass of your pinot grigio or merlot. One of these essential tools is a foil cutter. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at what wine bottle foil cutters are, how they function and answer some common questions about wine foil cutters that you might have. 

What Is a Foil Cutter for?

Aptly named, a foil cutter is a tool designed to help you remove the foil from the top of your wine bottle. Most wine bottles, with the exception of those that have screw caps, will have this foil on them. If you’ve ever tried to open it with your hands or use a sharp tool to try to open the top up, you know how difficult it can be. With a wine foil cutter, you can remove the foil with greater ease and get to your wine faster! 

How Do You Use a Foil Cutter on Wine? 

So, how exactly do you use a foil cutter? It depends on the foil cutter you’re planning on using. Let’s say that you’re using a waiter’s corkscrew to open your wine. Some of these may feature a small dull knife somewhere on the body of the corkscrew. All you have to do is flip this small tool out, drag it along the side of the bottle near the top, and take the foil off. These knives are quite convenient if you don’t have a dedicated wine bottle foil cutter in your home. 

Of course, foil cutters are specialized tools designed for the specific purpose of removing the foil. You can use these by placing them over the top of your wine bottle, twisting them to make sure that the blades are cutting through the foil that’s wrapped around the top of the bottle, and tearing it off once you are finished. Some people might opt to instead plunge the corkscrew into the cork through the foil, which can remove the cork and the foil at the same time. However, you might end up with bits of foil sticking out and getting into your wine. This is why having a foil cutter is important!

Can You Sharpen a Wine Foil Cutter?

It depends on the foil cutter. There’s a lot of guidance out there to help you sharpen a knife featured on a small corkscrew. However, a wine foil cutter may be a bit more difficult given the strange design shape. However, if you can find a tool that can fit in the foil cutter and successfully reach the blades while giving you ample room to sharpen the blades the right way, there’s nothing to say you can sharpen your wine bottle foil cutter! Just make sure you exercise caution when sharpening blades to avoid giving yourself any injuries. 

Why Do Wines Have Foil Around the Top?

Wine bottles used to feature foil around the top because it wasn’t uncommon for insects and rodents to nibble on corks when wine was stored away in cool wine cellars. This could damage the cork and, therefore, potentially spoil your wine or even allow it to leak out if the critters did enough damage.

However, this isn't an issue for most people in the modern day. Today, we largely keep wine foil on for tradition’s sake. It might not make a lot of sense, but it’s not too big of an issue to deal with. You might even find some wines that have done away with foil altogether!

Wholesale Foil Cutters

Wine foil cutters are great tools to have on hand if you drink wine frequently and you’re struggling to get the foil off using your fingers. While there are different types of foil cutters, all of them make it easy to get rid of the foil in a matter of seconds. If you’re trying to find new tools that make enjoying your favorite wines a seamless process, the guide on foil cutters above will provide you with all of the information you need to find your own wine foil cutter and make the most of this new tool in your arsenal!

For an added personal touch, be sure to inquire about our imprinting services. Many of our champagne and wine accessories can be customized with a logo, text or other design.

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