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Keeping your glasses and decanters spotless night after night is no easy task, whether you own an intimate restaurant or you're doing high-volume business. That's why Wine Devices offers a selection of cleaning accessories to help lighten the load while ensuring your stemware and serving equipment looks great.

Cleaning decanters is often challenging because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Those with long-stem necks are especially tricky and tend to show spots no matter how many times you go over them. Wine Devices' Decanter Washing Brush is the perfect solution and will get you out of the kitchen at a much faster pace. Made with soft foam, the brush is flexible and fits perfectly into hard-to-reach spots resulting in a crystal-clear finish time after time. We also have brushes designed specifically for goblets as well as crystal stemware. They're gentle on your stemware and produce beautiful glasses that you'll be proud to serve. Decanter cleaning balls are another way to keep your serving items clean. Add the stainless-steel balls to the decanter, cover with water and swirl gently until it's clean. The balls are able to get into the crevices that we can't always access. Once you're done, simply rinse and dry the reusable balls.

In addition to cleaning brushes, we carry Kleenite Crystal Clear Glassware Cleaner in 8-ounce and 32-ounce bottles. The powerful solution is a favorite in bars throughout the country thanks to its ability to remove wine and other stains from wine glasses, crystals, and decanters. The bubbles disinfect the glasses while keeping the taste pure. All it takes is a soak and a rinse. No need to wipe, just drip dry.

We also carry microfiber towels which bring a high gloss to your stemware, as well as wipes that remove the red stains between sips of wine. Wine Devices has everything you need to keep your serving equipment like new. We offer free delivery for orders over $99.

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