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Glassware Drying Racks

Cleaning and storing wine glasses, stemware, and other wine accessories is often a challenge. Store your wine glasses in style or make them easier to hold with wine glass holders and racks from Wine Devices. We offer wholesale prices on all of your most essential wine-related items, but we also carry more unique items that make perfect gifts for a wine-loving friend.

Our wine glass drying racks are practical items that make it easy to dry your most delicate wine glasses. Simply wash your glasses by hand and hang them upside down from one of these tabletop racks for thorough drying without using a dishwasher or towel. This is a great solution for a bar or restaurant, where small batches of barware are washed to get ready for reuse. It is also a nice home solution, with an elegant rack to hang and dry your glasses at the end of an evening enjoying wine with friends. For dishwasher-safe glasses, our unique StemGrip items ensure that your glasses stay upright throughout the washing cycle. The StemGrip links multiple glasses together, then tethers the cluster to a tine on the dishwasher rack so they remain steady throughout the wash cycle. Other drying and storage solutions include trays with convenient cutouts in the shape of wine or beer glasses make it easy to carry a whole serving of drinks for all of your friends or customers and patterned wine glass sleeves that fit securely around the body of a wine glass to set your drink apart from the rest of the group.

Order wine glass holders, racks, and other accessories for wholesale prices in bulk for your business, or in smaller quantities for the home from Wine Devices, and we'll even include free shipping on orders of $99 or more.

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