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Ice Chillers & Coolers

Wine Coolers & Chiller Sleeves

For wines and champagnes best served chilled, it's important to have the right cooler on hand. At Wine Devices, we offer a wide variety of wine coolers and champagne chiller sleeves to ensure that your drinks are always served at the optimal temperature. From collapsible and inflatable wine totes for space-saving storage to sleek and stylish stainless steel chillers for tableside use, there's a wide variety of items from which to choose in this collection. While catering companies and event venues love the convenience of multi-bottle coolers, many restaurants opt for a sophisticated single bottle tub that can be placed on or next to a dining table.

One of the benefits of ordering your wine and champagne coolers from Wine Devices is the option to add imprinting. Our affordable customization services allow you to add a logo, text or other design to make a statement every time you serve up these delicious drinks.

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