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Wine Coolers & Chiller Sleeves

Wine enthusiasts know how important it is to serve their favorite selection at the proper temperature, and with our extensive array of wine chillers, your customers will sip their favorite wines the way they were meant to be enjoyed. From aluminum and acrylic to stainless steel and marble, you're sure to find the perfect chilling device for your home or establishment.

What are Wine Chillers?

A bright sunny afternoon over the weekend. You decide to sit back, relax, and take all your stresses out. You grab a bottle of wine and go forth to your backyard. Life is great—but it can only be better if you can bring your refrigerator along. 

Wait, did nobody tell you about the wine chiller? Fret not, we’re here. These intricately-designed accessories are meant to keep your throats and minds chilled to the core. Coming in various shapes and sizes, wine chillers are meant to cool your wine bottles quickly, and retain that coolness for periods. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Different Types

Variety is the spice of life, and wine chillers are no exception. While some are easy to manage and use, other types of wine chillers might work in an entirely different way. Each has its own way of working, but you ought to know about them all! 

Bucket Chiller 

Possibly exercising maximum utility, the bucket chiller also happens to be the easiest to maintain. Some ice, some chilled water, and that is about it. Yep—it is that simple. Much like the beer bucket, the bucket chiller is known for its foolproof mechanism and simple science that leads to satisfactory cooling of wine. 

Speaking of materials, these chillers are usually constructed out of metal, owing to how easily metals cool down. It can also be constructed out of ceramic because that would retain a great deal of coolness. Rarely, both in a double-layered fashion. Buckets also have the scope of containing more than one bottle—perfect for those outdoor picnics!

Bottle Cooler 

But if you aren’t a picnic person and instead prefer all the bottles to yourself, try out the bottle coolers available in the market. These coolers have a technologically advanced gel layer packed in them. This enables the cooler itself to retain that cold temperature for longer durations. 

Moreover, the bottle cooler is rather light and flexibly constructed. This makes it easy for you to travel around with it. While it lacks the purposefulness of the bucket, it makes up for it with its portability. The gel-foam technology is also better for keeping your wine bottles cooler for longer. 

Cooler Sleeves 

We had one last trick up our sleeve (pun intended). The cooler sleeve is the sickest of them all. Not only does it maintain the functionality of the bottle cooler, but it also is a lot slicker and easier to move about. 

There is one massive advantage that the sleeve poses, which the chiller does not. It saves you the inconvenience of putting the bottle out of the bucket and then pouring it. With the sleeve, you can pour your drinks right as it is!

Moreover, owing to the fact that it is just a sleeve, it can be used for various kinds of bottles. To add to this, it appears to cool the bottle in just about 8-10 minutes. If you are in a rush, and there is a waiting list of people, be sure to grab one for each bottle!


While we have mentioned a few benefits that the chillers pose, it would be wise to put them all under an umbrella list. Here are a few benefits and selling points of the wine chillers.

Great for Summer Picnics

With summer always around the corner, it only calls for picnics and a cohesive time with friends and family. What better than a glass of wine and some refreshments? 

But wait, assuming the picnic is far away from the vicinity of your fridge, how do you even make sure that the wine is in good and cool shape? You guessed it right, chillers. These keep your bottles cool and consistent, so you can enjoy every last bit of your drink. 

On the Go Portable Carry

If you are someone who travels a fair bit, or even if you are part of the aforementioned picnic, then portability is a big factor. Come on, not like you can carry your refrigerator along with you, right? 

Chillers are pretty convenient that way. While the bucket seems to be the most inconvenient of the lot, the sleeves are the easiest to move around. All it needs is some initial cooling, and with some good ‘ol science, you are good to go, on the go!

Wholesale Wine Chillers and Champagne Buckets 

Buying in bulk poses its own benefits. When it comes to wine chillers and champagne buckets, here is why you would want to buy in bulk.

First, money. Buying wholesale saves a lot of money. If you happen to have a cellar of your own, or perhaps too many in the fridge, you might want to consider buying wholesale. 

Second, buying wholesale might get you a lot of discounts as well as a great deal of flexibility. It might just be possible that you require a said number of sleeves and a few chillers. With the idea of wholesale, it might be possible to get the best of all worlds—at a rather fat discount. 

One of our favorites is the Festive Four-Bottle Cooler. This heavy-duty cooler features a lid with four holes. Fill the bucket with ice, slip the bottles into the lid and you'll have four perfectly chilled bottles for your guests to enjoy. You never have to remove the lid, so the bottles are in direct contact with the ice at all times. We carry a larger version of the Festive Cooler, the Celebration Seven-Bottle Double Wall Cooler, which is ideal for hosting large-scale events.

We offer a number of single-bottle chillers that are perfect for serving wine or champagne tableside. With its modern style, the Bernardo Double Wall Stainless Steel Champagne/Wine Cooler is a good choice. It doesn't get more elegant than this capsule-shaped chiller made with semi-brushed stainless steel. This cooler would make a terrific housewarming gift. If you're looking for an upscale chiller for wine or champagne, we carry a number of marble coolers guaranteed to keep your wine at the proper temperature. Another choice for tableside service is the Ideal Wine Bucket and Stand. This two-piece set keeps the bottle cold and off to the side, rather than taking up valuable table space, especially during an intimate dinner for two.

In addition to wine buckets and bowls, Wine Devices offers collapsible cooler bags from Ice Bag. Just add water and ice to the bag and you have an easy-to-carry cooler you can take just about anywhere. And with separate sizes for wine bottles and champagne, you're sure to have the perfect fit.

We also help you retain a professional appearance by offering customization options for our chillers. Add a personalized touch to these products by including an imprinted logo or design in your order.

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