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Ice Chillers & Coolers

Wine Coolers & Chiller Sleeves

Wine enthusiasts know how important it is to serve their favorite selection at the proper temperature, and with our extensive array of wine chillers, your customers will sip their favorite wines the way they were meant to be enjoyed. From aluminum and acrylic to stainless steel and marble, you're sure to find the perfect chilling device for your home or establishment.

One of our favorites is the Festive Four-Bottle Cooler. This heavy-duty cooler features a lid with four holes. Fill the bucket with ice, slip the bottles into the lid and you'll have four perfectly chilled bottles for your guests to enjoy. You never have to remove the lid, so the bottles are in direct contact with the ice at all times. We carry a larger version of the Festive Cooler, the Celebration Seven-Bottle Double Wall Cooler, which is ideal for hosting large-scale events.

We offer a number of single-bottle chillers that are perfect for serving wine or champagne tableside. With its modern style, the Bernardo Double Wall Stainless Steel Champagne/Wine Cooler is a good choice. It doesn't get more elegant than this capsule-shaped chiller made with semi-brushed stainless steel. This cooler would make a terrific housewarming gift. If you're looking for an upscale chiller for wine or champagne, we carry a number of marble coolers guaranteed to keep your wine at the proper temperature. Another choice for tableside service is the Ideal Wine Bucket and Stand. This two-piece set keeps the bottle cold and off to the side, rather than taking up valuable table space, especially during an intimate dinner for two.

In addition to wine buckets and bowls, Wine Devices offers collapsible cooler bags from Ice Bag. Just add water and ice to the bag and you have an easy-to-carry cooler you can take just about anywhere. And with separate sizes for wine bottles and champagne, you're sure to have the perfect fit.

We also help you retain a professional appearance by offering customization options for our chillers. Add a personalized touch to these products by including an imprinted logo or design in your order.

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