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Ice Tongs

Keep your bar stocked with our inexpensive stainless steel or stainless steel ice tongs to serve drinks at home or your bar in style. These traditional ice tongs allow you to instantly grip ice from an ice bucket or ice dispenser and drop the ice cubes into the glass for cocktails without contaminating or melting the ice. Using a pair of ice tongs also prevents the ice from splashing. Also, use them to add fruit or other garnishes to your mixed drink. Ice tongs are not just for the bar. They are also classic kitchen utensils used to add nuts, fruits, and other ingredients to recipes. That's why many homes have at least two sets of ice tongs.

For mixing drinks on the go, our handsomely crafted Barmaster's Pro Bar Travel Set is a compact case containing a cocktail shaker, deluxe ice tongs, a double jigger, bar spoon, muddler, cocktail strainer, and corkscrew. This favorite gift for clients, holidays, and weddings can be ordered with custom imprinting on the stylish case.

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