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Liquor Bottle Pourers

Liquor Bottle Measured Pourers

Whether you're a professional bartender, or layman tasked with acting like one for a party or large family event, you want to pour the perfect drink every time without muss or fuss. You will indeed be an expert wine bottle pourer time and time again with Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers from Wine Devices. These pourers neaten your pours by providing a single, drip-free spout. Some measure liquid amounts for precision. Pourers also keep bottles sealed so no time is wasted opening a bottle and closing it back up for each drink.

Pro bartenders give these economically priced liquor bottle pourers rave reviews, with such top brands as Sure Shot and Posi-Pour. Our Air-Flow drink pourer has three separate chambers that create bubbles as the liquid is poured. Our Pour & Seal pourer has a free-flow pouring spout that comes with a hinged sealing lid to keep contaminants out of your bottle. This type is great for bars, restaurants, and for home use.

For fast-paced bar operations, we have Posi-Pour portion-control measured wine pourers designed for measuring and pouring wine or liquor by the ounce. We have Sure Shot measured pourers with a three-ball design, wrap-around corks, unique primer rings, and mess-resistant bottom assemblies. Each Sure Shot has the amount stamped on the pourer 1 inch from the bottom. We also have Sure Shot measured pourer displays with your choice of 12 or 15 pourers.

Pourers are essential for every restaurant and bar, and many are required. You'll need a pourer for every open bottle, and maybe some extras in case you have a few more bottles to open. Wine Devices offers discounts on some bulk purchases, so order plenty so you'll have enough, and for a good price. These essential bar tools help keep the bar tidier and keep inventory under control by making pours more precise.

Please know that some of our measured liquid bottle pourers for wine bottles or liquor bottles can be imprinted with the name of your business. Choose pourers that measure ½ oz.., 1 oz. and 1¼ oz. portions.

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