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Liquor Pour Spouts

Whether you're a professional bartender, or layman tasked with acting like one for a party or large family event, you want to pour the perfect drink every time without muss or fuss. You will indeed be an expert wine bottle pourer time and time again with Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers from Wine Devices. These pourers neaten your pours by providing a single, drip-free spout. Some measure liquid amounts for precision. Pourers also keep bottles sealed so no time is wasted opening a bottle and closing it back up for each drink.

If you look at the liquor bottles in any bar, you'll notice that they are sealed with various pour spouts. This just shows the importance of a speed pourer to bartenders when it comes to pouring the right amount of liquor into a glass. 

Liquor Bottle Pourers

A liquor bottle pourer allows bartenders to pour alcohol into a shot glass or cocktail shaker from the bottle without overfilling or making a mess. You can't own a bar and not provide these essential tools for your professional bartenders. 

If you don't know much about liquor bottle pourers or plan to shop for one, read this article to learn all you need to know about pour spout before investing in it. 

What is a Liquor (Shot) Pourer? 

A liquor pourer, speed pourer, or pour spout is a bartender's measuring tool for pouring a precise amount of alcohol into every shot glass. It also helps control the amount of flavors added to cocktails.  

The device is usually made of metal and sometimes plastic and can tightly fit into the neck of any liquor bottle without spillage. It also has a small-sized tube that connects directly to the bottle to aid in dispensing the liquid to a glass or cocktail shaker.  

Speed pourers are sometimes referred to as the "bartender's best-kept secret." They come in different styles and sizes and can be used for personal or commercial purposes. 

While this tool may not seem like an essential addition to your bar accessories, it is key to minimizing liquor wastage and pouring precise shots. 

Precision is a vital aspect of bartending as it helps track the quantity of alcohol in each glass. Using a shot pourer eliminates all the guesswork bartenders have to deal with while speed pouring. 

Types of Liquor Bottle Pourer Spouts

As mentioned earlier, liquor pourers are made from stainless steel and plastic materials. Here are some of the most common pour spouts in the market. 

Standard Metal 

Standard metal liquor bottle pourers are the most commonly used speed spout across the hospitality industry today. 

They are built with flip-tops to prevent air from entering the bottles, thereby extending the quality of the booze. The spout air return hole and seal built on the liquor pourers helps to hold the bottle to avoid leaks. 

Standard metal liquor spouts provide consistent pouring speed, precision, and control, making them the most sought-after pouring tool by mixologists, bartenders, and flair competitors.  

Aside from dispensing the liquors consistently, the standard metal spout is also suitable for practicing or training young bartenders. 

Tapered Metal 

A tapered metal shot pourer is a standard spout that comes in various styles. They are made with metallic and non-rusty materials combined with rubber seals that hold the bottle's mouth. These pourers are popular among bartenders and bar owners. They help pour drinks with great precision, although the speed pour rate is low compared to the standard metal pourers.  

Tapered liquor pourers have a long narrow spout that controls the direction of the liquids leaving the bottle. The spout also helps reduce spillage and regulates the precision of the pour. However, the shot pourers do not have a built-in mechanism that prevents fruit bugs and flies from contaminating your drinks. 

Screened Metal 

Screened metal is an excellent option for those worried about having their liquor bottles contaminated. 

Made with durable materials, the screened metal shot pourers come with a cover that prevents dirt, dust, and other contaminants from entering the bottle, making them ideal for outdoor use. 

They also have a flexible fin system that can accommodate various bottleneck sizes. Unlike standard and tapered liquor pourers, screened pour spouts have a low flow rate, making them unsuitable for pouring creamy or high viscosity liquors. 

Metal Flap

Metal flap pourers are a great choice for those looking for liquor bottle pourers that can prevent contamination. This pourer features a built-in flap that prevents dirt and flies from entering the liquor bottle. Metal flaps come in two different variations; one is built with a flap that automatically opens at use, while the other can be opened manually with the thumb. 

While metal flaps pour with precision, it may not be a great option for pouring thick syrupy because these drinks tend to slow their speed. 

Standard Plastic

Generally, plastic pourers are considered one of the least expensive liquor pourers because of the materials used in their production. 

Although inexpensive, standard plastic speed spouts provide the same quality pour as their metal counterparts. The pourer features a high rate that is efficient for lighter liquors. The speed, however, can be hard to control sometimes as it comes without separate vents. 

Chromed Plastic 

Chromed plastic spouts are another famous brand of liquor pourers that offer a high rate of pour speed featuring extra long curved nozzles for precision. 

The spout collar helps to reduce drippings while retaining its grip on the liquor bottle. This type of speed pourer is also built with a larger hole to increase the amount of liquor it dispenses. However, the hole can be adjusted to reduce the pouring rate. 

Sadly, though, the pourer can easily be contaminated as it does not have any mechanism that keeps flies away from the bottle. 

Ball Pourer

This simple yet functional liquor bottle pourer is designed with strict quantity control that allows bartenders to pour only a certain amount of liquor at a time, unlike other liquor bottle pourers. The ball pourer is the king of precision as you can only pour between 1oz to 1.5oz per shot. 

Although it is built with the best intentions to minimize waste and improve consistency and costs, the ball pourer has received criticism from users since it is impossible to do a "dash" or "splash" when necessary. 

The good thing about this type of pour spout is that it allows experienced bartenders to use both hands simultaneously. 

Electronic Pourer 

As the name suggests, an electronic speed spout requires electricity to function. It allows you to freely pour the liquor or regulate the amount dispensed into the shot glass. These speed spouts can be used to track the amount of liquor spent, and they serve as an analytical tool to keep records of data. 

Electronic pourers are one of the least favorites of pour spouts among bartenders as they provide extreme inventory control and are often regarded as invasive to most users. 

Cleaning Pour Spouts

Shot pourers are built to allow smooth and precise pouring, but sometimes the vents get clogged and blocked, making it impossible to dispense freely, which calls for proper cleaning. 

Cleaning your pour spouts keeps them in perfect working condition, allowing them to pour more smoothly while maintaining their precision. 

There are many ways to clean your liquor bottle pourers, but the easiest way is to use warm soapy water. 

Soak your pour spout in warm soapy water and leave for a few minutes. 

Allow the water to enter the spout and shake to remove the dirt inside.

Rinse with clean cold water and allow to dry before use. 

You can also use a pour spout cleaner to clean your liquor pourers. The device sanitizes the liquor shot pourer with warm water, eliminating the need for dishwashing liquid. 

Benefits of a Shot Pourer 

Clean - No Spill 

Shot pourers eliminate spills and waste, ensuring that you earn profits from your liquor investment. Aside from that, they are easy to maintain as you don't need to clean them after every use. 

Control Your Pour 

Precision and control are the main selling points of liquor bottle pourers. Speed pourers allow you to regulate the amount of liquor poured into a shot glass or a cocktail shaker. This way, you don't have to worry about overfilling.

How Long of a Pour Do I Need for a Shot? 

The amount of pour you need depends on the quantity and type of drink involved. However, the standard amount of pour in bars across the United States is 1.5oz with exceptions. 

Over-pouring liquor will result in losses, while under-poured drinks lead to unhappy customers, which may hurt your business in many ways. It is always better to stick to the standard pour. However, keep in mind that double shots mean adding an extra amount of the standard shot pour.

Wholesale Liquor Pour Spouts

Pro bartenders give these economically priced liquor bottle pourers rave reviews, with such top brands as Sure Shot and Posi-Pour. Our Air-Flow drink pourer has three separate chambers that create bubbles as the liquid is poured. Our Pour & Seal pourer has a free-flow pouring spout that comes with a hinged sealing lid to keep contaminants out of your bottle. This type is great for bars, restaurants, and for home use.

For fast-paced bar operations, we have Posi-Pour portion-control measured wine pourers designed for measuring and pouring wine or liquor by the ounce. We have Sure Shot measured pourers with a three-ball design, wrap-around corks, unique primer rings, and mess-resistant bottom assemblies. Each Sure Shot has the amount stamped on the pourer 1 inch from the bottom. We also have Sure Shot measured pourer displays with your choice of 12 or 15 pourers.

Pourers are essential for every restaurant and bar, and many are required. You'll need a pourer for every open bottle, and maybe some extras in case you have a few more bottles to open. Wine Devices offers discounts on some bulk purchases, so order plenty so you'll have enough, and for a good price. These essential bar tools help keep the bar tidier and keep inventory under control by making pours more precise.

Please know that some of our measured liquid bottle pourers for wine bottles or liquor bottles can be imprinted with the name of your business. Choose pourers that measure ½ oz.., 1 oz. and 1¼ oz. portions.

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