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Martini Gift Sets

Stirred, straight up, or with a twist? You don't have to be a spy like James Bond to decide whether you like your martinis shaken or stirred. Every martini drinker has their personal preference, but all of them will enjoy receiving a martini gift set as a special gift. This is true whether it's your friend, partner, a favorite uncle (or aunt), or a valued business client. These sets make great corporate gifts and can be engraved with a company logo.

Martinis are a special drink, and with one of these martini bar sets, they'll have the tools they need to create a masterpiece. Your recipient can even practice mixology and create their own signature martini. Most sets come with all the hardware needed to make the perfect drink. Tools include stainless steel, glass, and sometimes plastic accessories such as a shaker, jigger, funnel, glasses, and little extras like martini spears. All that's left are the ingredients, which we'll leave up to the owner of this martini set. Each set comes in a keepsake box or travel case that looks elegant when it arrives. All those who see it will wait in anticipation to see what drinks will be made for the evening. While most sets in this section are kits to make a martini, some sets feature different ways to consume your martini. One such set is a martini spray atomizer, so you can get your drink on one spray at a time. This might be what some gift recipients need to get through the opera or a long dinner party. Wine Devices carries a wide selection of gift sets for wine enthusiasts and those who enjoy the finer things in life. In addition to our martini gift sets, we also have bar gift sets, wine gift sets, and more. See our full line of gift ideas.

Most of our gift sets and other products can be personalized with high-quality custom engraving. There is a minimum quantity required for most products. Please contact us for more information.

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