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Crisp Martini Glass, Stainless Steel

Crisp Martini Glass, Stainless Steel

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Shaken or stirred, the stainless steel Crisp Martini Glass is an elegant vessel to serve martinis, cocktails and other mixed masterpieces in. It will have everyone at the bar or party wanting what's in that glass. The stainless steel glass has a high polish on the outside, contrasted with the brushed finish of the interior. The glass stands 7-inches tall and is 3-inches in diameter at the base. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The stainless steel construction means these glasses will never break, no matter how wild things get. You know you'll still have the same count at the end of each night. You can also mark your glasses with a laser-etched graphic on the base of up to 1-inch by 1 1/2-inches. This is a great opportunity to get the name of your bar or restaurant on the base of the glass, or a logo or word.

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