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Stainless Steel & Acrylic Martini Bar Glasses

Our elegantly crafted stainless steel and acrylic martini glasses from Wine Devices are affordably priced ways to enjoy that perfect martini. Because they won't shatter, acrylic bar glasses are the go-to choice for parties at the beach or pool, at the park, or in your backyard. The glasses are inexpensive and more durable than glass. They are a smart option for an outdoor season, and even year-round in the bar and restaurant if you're worried about losing a few glasses a night. We stock 8-ounce martini glasses and 10-ounce martini glasses, so you have options as to what size drinks you want to serve. 

Gleaming stainless steel martini glasses are a beautiful way to serve classic and contemporary martinis and cocktails at bars, restaurants, and specialty martini cocktail bars, as well as at weddings, galas, corporate dinners, and other catered events. You can reserve the stainless steel martini glasses for a premium martini, whatever the drink special is for the night. We stock a standard stainless steel martini glass and a "knock-down" glass that separates into three pieces to make it easier for caterers and for serving at events, where all barware must be transported to and from the venue. We have Cabaret martini glasses with subtly rolled rims. We have sophisticated stainless steel martini glasses with polished exteriors and brushed-finish interiors. All are dishwasher safe. All have the classic cone-shaped bowls that flare to wide brims and thin, tall stems. Also shop our martini accessories gift sets and martini recipe books to enjoy this cocktail classic. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying bulk orders.

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