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Wine Stoppers, Wine Savers & Other Wine Preservation Tools

You've purchased your favorite bottle of wine and after sharing a glass or two, you have some leftovers. Preserve its distinct flavor with one of Wine Devices' many storage tools. From stoppers and re-corkers to pumps and wine-saver systems, you'll find the perfect device to keep your wine as fresh as the day you opened it.

Not only is it sometimes difficult to recork your bottle of wine, but it's also not very sanitary. The cork can introduce fruit flies and tiny microbes and who wants that? Our wine stoppers are ideal for restaurants, bars, and banquet halls because they prevent waste while protecting the wine's original flavors. Wine Devices carries a wide selection of stoppers that are extremely affordable, so you can purchase them in bulk to ensure you'll always have one on hand.

We also carry a number of wine-saver systems which are perfect for both professional and personal use. The Electro VinoVac Wine Saver System is a high-tech pump that expels air from the bottle while accurately reading the wine's temperature. It features a "Storage Time" button that records how many days - and hours - the wine has been stored. There's never been an easier way to keep track of your wine while preserving it. Another popular item among professional bartenders is the Wine Saver All-In-One Vacuum Pump and Stopper. At just 4 inches high and 2 inches wide, this wine saver pump offers a sleek and easy way to perfectly preserve your wine by removing the air from the unfinished bottle.

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