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Wine Spittoons

Elevate your wine-tasting events with a sophisticated spittoon from Wine Devices. We carry both stainless-steel and acrylic receptacles at affordable prices, giving you a number of different choices. Spittoons are an essential part of any wine tasting. Since guests can't possibly drink all of the samples without becoming even slightly intoxicated, spittoons are available so they can savor the flavors of different wines without consuming them.

What are Spittoons for Wine

Spittoons are a great way to dispose of wine when you are at home, but they are also great to have in your restaurant. A spittoon is a container that is made of metal or plastic, and it is used to hold wine. This product is great because it allows the customer to spit out any unwanted wine into the spittoon instead of having them spit it out onto the floor or table where other customers may step in it or drink it by accident.

A spittoon can be used in any type of restaurant, including fine dining establishments and casual dining restaurants. The reason why this product is so popular among restaurants is that it helps keep the restaurant clean and safe for customers who want to enjoy their meal without worrying about someone spitting on them or their food.

What Were Wine Spit Buckets Made Out Of?

The first spittoons were actually made out of wood! They were just wooden buckets with holes in them to let the spit fall through. People would fill these wooden buckets up with water after they finished drinking their wine. Then they would spit their wine into their wooden “spit bucket” and dump out all of their salivae into it as well.

The next step up from this was using brass or copper instead of wood for your spit bucket. This was because it was easier to clean up after yourself when you use something like this instead of having to clean up spills off of your floor or table every day. You could just rinse off your brass or copper spittoon in cold water and wipe it down with a rag, then set it back on its stand at the bar when you were done using it!

Why Do They Spit Out Wine?

Wine often contains high levels of carbon dioxide, which is produced during fermentation. When this happens in an open container, it can accumulate and cause the wine to bubble over. This can cause a mess on your workbench or on your floor if you're trying to make sparkling wines at home.

Spitting out wine into a bucket allows you to control how much carbon dioxide gets released into the atmosphere. You can also use this technique as part of your winemaking process as well. In addition to monitoring the level of CO2 in your wine, spitting out also allows you to sample its taste before letting it age further.

Difference Between a Spittoon and Cuspidor

The difference between a spittoon and a cuspidor is that while both are used for spitting, they differ in their design. A spittoon is usually made of brass or other metal materials, while a cuspidor may be made of ceramic materials or plastic materials such as polyethylene or styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN). Spittoons can also be found with porcelain enamel finishes or lacquered finishes. Cuspidors are generally used in schools and offices where there are large numbers of people who need to use them frequently.

Wholesale Wine Spittoons

Our acrylic wine-tasting receptacles are also a favorite among wine connoisseurs. Available in black, they easily hide the contents until it's time to empty the spittoon. Along with our selection of two-piece spittoons, we also carry additional lids so you'll always be prepared. The personal spittoon, made of brushed stainless steel, is also a solid choice. Its welded steel handle makes it easy to carry, so you don't have to worry about accidentally dropping it.

If you're looking to add a personal touch to your purchase, check out our imprinting options detailed on each product page. Most wine spittoons and other accessories can be customized with a design of your choosing. It's a great way to make a statement and add a fun touch to a winery or other wine-tasting experience.

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