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Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Reusable Stainless Steel Ice Cubes for Drinks

Making a pitch-perfect cocktail or serving up fine whiskeys and wines is an art. For perfectly chilled drinks without the watering down, switch from regular ice cubes to stainless steel ice cubes. Stainless steel cubes will surprise and delight your patrons. Expecting ice cubes, they'll be fascinated by the cool silver cubes in their glass. It will certainly start conversations, and give your bar or restaurant an edge over other establishments. You may even garner a following of regulars, devoted to your signature drinks with those cool stainless steel ice cubes.

These metal ice cubes for drinks can be kept in the freezer before being dropped into drinks for instant cooling. They're completely food-safe; the non-toxic gel that keeps them ice cold is safely sealed inside. Wash them and place them back in the freezer in their trays so they're ready for the next round. Best of all, they keep drinks cold longer than ice without any dilution whatsoever. They're better than any freezer pack, and much cooler.

At Wine Devices, you can buy steel chilling ice cubes for whiskey, wine and cocktails individually or in sets of four. Each set comes in a two-piece tray that allows bartenders to easily remove cubes without touching them. As an added bonus, we also offer laser imprinting for these stainless steel ice cubes. Put the name of your establishment, a logo or another message on each cube. Distributors can put a brand name on each cube for promotions. As these cubes are like six-sided dice, you can print different brand names, or share a promotion between the bar and a liquor label on the cubes. Just get in touch with us and we'll add your business logo, a personal design, custom text or another image onto each cube.

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