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Table Crumbers

Wholesale Table Crumbers

Even the neatest eaters leave a crumb or two on the table. Many patrons leave much more than a few crumbs. If you like to impress your customers with every detail, make sure you order a few of these elegant table crumbers for your restaurant or venue. Your servers will look sophisticated when using one of these stylish tools to remove crumbs from tablecloths between courses. Each one is specifically designed for this task in order to provide the fastest and more thorough crumb removal. Meanwhile, the style options include a number of attractive finishes, including brushed aluminum, chrome, nickel and gold, as well as some enamel-plated colors. Crumb sweepers are available as well for those who need a brush for more delicate tabletops.

Crumbers and crumb scrapers are a staple of any restaurant serving multiple courses, particularly those that use table cloths. If there's bread on the table, there will be crumbs. Crumbers are a simple solution that goes so far to impress patrons and get tables clean. Each of your wait staff and bus team need one at their disposal. They can take care of quick messes, or clean up messes quickly, leaving a clean table that's ready for the next course, or the next party of two. To add an even more upscale look to your table crumbers, take advantage of our imprinting services. Get crumbers or crumb scrapers with your restaurant's name and logo for the whole team, to have a unified appearance to impress at every table. We can add your custom design to any table crumber to ensure that it has the exact final look that you prefer.

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