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Wall Mounted Wine Openers

Whether you're in the market for a better wine opener for a home bar or a smartly designed unit for a busy club or restaurant, you can't go wrong with a wall mounted cork remover. For one, they're highly efficient when you have many wine bottles to open. They're also elegantly styled, adding a look of sophistication to any establishment. What is the best mounted wine cork extractor? It depends upon your needs and your budget. Every wall mounted bottle opener you see here is of the highest quality, so you can choose based on personal taste and what you can spend.
The Bar-Pull cork remover is economically priced, and it's available with brass or chrome plating. The next step up is the nickel plated Zeus uncorking machine, which gives you the option of different depths. The top-of-the-line cork remover is the motorized Electropull Focus, designed for high-capacity use where you have limited space or as an outdoor opener.
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