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Wall Mounted Wine Openers

A sweet addition to the pompous bar at your home or any other place, the wall-mounted wine opener is an engineering delight. Not only does it make opening the bottle more convenient, but there are great advantages to using it too, as you will see later.

What is a Wall Mounted Wine Opener?

So, before we get into the nitpicks of a wall-mounted wine opener, let’s address the elephant in the room—who is it made for? 

Who Uses Countertop Wine Openers?

To be fair, any pragmatic person would choose a countertop or wall-mounted wine opener. Why? Firstly, it isn’t going anywhere. Being solidly attached to the walls or the counter, there is no scope for it to be moved around. What does this mean? Your wine opener won’t ever get lost. Think about how many openers you might have lost or misplaced—this one? Never. 

Secondly—if you are a professional who owns a bar, or if you have one at home—you might want to consider the countertop wine opener. As a professional, every inch of your décor is quintessential. And if you are providing a theme to your immediate environment? This is all you need.

But nothing is perfect, and the countertop wine opener is no exception. While dependability is its strongest suit, it also happens to be the weakest link. Having to go and get your bottles opened can be a bummer, especially if there are too many around. 

Lastly, if your bar has a great influx of people, having a stationary wine opener can create a great deal of congestion. That being said, buying in wholesale would reduce this burden a fair bit. More on that in a while. But before you go and buy them in bulk, you’d have to know about appropriate sizes, right? 

Wall Mounted Corkscrew Sizes

As opposed to what people say, size does matter. At least when it comes to corkscrews. Here are the different types. 


These are incredibly light and compact, we mean anything south of say, 6 or 7 ounces. What does this mean? Easier to carry and move about in parties or pubs. Reliability might take a hit when it comes to bigger and fatter corks, but that’s alright—we have the large-sized ones. 


On the other hand, if you are expecting bigger corks, you are better off with heavy-duty stuff. The large corkscrew weighs anywhere over 240grams, and measures at lengths of about 20inches, but it surely gets the work done when heavy items are concerned. If you are running a larger scale operation, you might want both. This brings us to…

Wholesale Mounted Wine Openers

Having more than one mounted wine opener proves to be a boon, especially if you have a lot of people around. Having that freedom is indescribable, especially if it comes at a fair cost! Buy wholesale right now. 

Whether you're in the market for a better wine opener for a home bar or a smartly designed unit for a busy club or restaurant, you can't go wrong with a wall-mounted cork remover. For one, they're highly efficient when you have many wine bottles to open. They're also elegantly styled, adding a look of sophistication to any establishment. What is the best-mounted wine cork extractor? It depends upon your needs and your budget. Every wall-mounted bottle opener you see here is of the highest quality, so you can choose based on personal taste and what you can spend.

The Bar-Pull cork remover is economically priced, and it's available with brass or chrome plating. The next step up is the nickel-plated Zeus uncorking machine, which gives you the option of different depths. The top-of-the-line cork remover is the motorized Electropull Focus, designed for high-capacity use where you have limited space or as an outdoor opener.

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