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Wine & Champagne Accessories

Simplify your serving techniques and add a dash of panache with Wine Devices' extensive selection of wine and champagne accessories. We have hundreds of items designed to make your life easier, from stainless-steel bottle seals to keep champagne at its peak of freshness and microfiber glassware towels to make your crystal shine. You'll also find innovative items like the Essences Collection, Deluxe, which includes 40 vials of unique fragrances to train the wine drinker to identify the different aromas found in wines.

When serving wine or champagne, whether at a restaurant or private party, it's imperative to serve at the correct temperature. We have an array of accurate thermometers to ensure your guests will enjoy their drinks the way they were meant to taste. Keep your wine at the proper temperature throughout the evening with one of our wine coolers. We also offer wine funnels which are both functional and elegant, and prevent sediment from getting into your decanter.

We carry a wide selection of wine racks in different sizes, so you can store anywhere from six to more than 110 bottles. Whether you're looking to display a few bottles in your own dining room or you need to increase storage in your shop or restaurant, our racks are both durable and stylish. If you're heading out to a party and need a safe way to transport your wine, we have a six-bottle wine tote. The insulated tote features double track wheels, making it easier than ever to transport your bottles from Point A to Point B.

From flight stemware tags to wine stain remover, cork screws to decanters, Wine Devices is the one-stop shop for sommeliers, event planners and professionals in the restaurant industry. Many of our products can be customized with imprinting, so contact us to learn more if you'd like to add a personal touch to your champagne and wine accessories.

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