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Bottle Safety Stand (for all Wine Candle Sets)

Bottle Safety Stand (for all Wine Candle Sets)

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Product Code: 8377

Once you've found the joys for turning your wine bottles into oil lamps there's no turning back. Wine Candle Sets are a fantastically frugal and green way to recycle empty wine bottles into something useful again. Most sets come with a candle and a wick but there's a vital component that must be purchased separately. The Bottle Safety Stand is an essential piece of the kit when you're making your own wine bottle lamps. They keep you and your home safe from toppling risks, and they look stylish doing it.

This Bottle Safety Stand features a beautiful black, gothic frame. It firmly stabilizes the bottle and adds a bit of weight to the bottom to ensure it doesn't suddenly tip over. It has two main components: the frame that surrounds the bottle and the tabletop stabilizing ring. The frame is tipped with six burgundy rubber balls that sit flush against the bottle inside the frame, holding it securely in place. This means there's no dangerous shifting or wobbling. Your wine bottle lamp is not going anywhere.


  • Metal frame with ring base
  • Six burgundy rubber balls to hold the bottle in place
  • Stylish with gothic elements