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Wine Candles

Transform your empty wine bottles into beautiful candles with our wine candle sets and stands from Wine Devices. We have ceramic candle inserts with wicks; just fill the bottle with lamp oil. We have glass chimneys that fit over your emptied wine bottle with a candle. Our stands will protect your table or mantel from dripping wax. Create a romantic dinner for two with wine and wine candles. Invite your friends over for a candle-making party using empty wine bottles with unique or colorful labels.

Create a glow at wine tastings, wine bars, and restaurants. Our candle wine bottle lamps add a charming focal point in B&B dining rooms, boutique hotel lobby bars, and outdoor vineyard parties. Add our customizable wine glasses to your order. Enjoy low prices on all wine accessories and fast, low-cost shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

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