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Wine Decanting Funnels

Using a wine funnel makes a lot of sense because it enhances your wine's flavor and characteristics in several important ways. Not only does it allow it to breathe and oxidize, but it helps release its aromas. At Wine Devices, we offer unique wine decanters with and without a wine decanting funnel, giving you the latitude to decant according to your desires.

Whatever your approach, decanting is extremely important for another reason - to remove sediments that may have accumulated over the years. Sediments can be very common in red wines, especially those aged five years or longer. Also, crumbling or brittle corks can have a negative impact on all types of wine. Thus, aerating can bring out flavor and notes that may be hidden or otherwise missed. Decanted wine is often considered to be smoother and less bitter than non-decanted wine.

Our funnels are stainless steel, so the flavor of the wine passing through is not negatively impacted. Some people prefer to use a wine funnel with strainer for maximum aeration and sediment removal, while others use a stand-alone funnel. We offer both types of filtration, as well as a stand-alone funnel screen.

We look forward to providing you the ultimate wine decanting funnel of your choice, and whatever other supplies you need, to greatly enhance your experience for years to come.


What is a Decanter Funnel? 

A wine decanter funnel is a specialized vessel typically made out of glass that is used to decant wine by exposing it to a large amount of surface area. This functions akin to the act of pouring into a wine glass, but on a much larger scale. It also serves to increase the temperature of a wine in case the cellar proved to be too cold. It's important to remember that the temperatures for storing wine and consuming wine may sometimes be drastically different. 

Yet another draw for wine lovers towards an elegantly designed decanter is the process itself is beautiful to behold. It's sure to enchant even the most casual consumers of wine. Moreover, wine is less likely to spill if a decanter is used, safeguarding granite countertop from wine stains. 

A wine decanter is a perfect choice for someone who frequently consumes older red wines and loves the traditional method of serving wine. They are a tad bit on the expensive side, but the fact that they lend themselves to customization should justify the hefty price tag.

Wine Breather Decanter

A wine breather decanter is made to look like a standard decanter but has an aerator attached to the opening. But, unlike most wine aerators, it does not make use of a funnel of pressurized oxygen, instead maximizing surface area simply by the act of pouring. The wine percolates through nodes and drops down into the decanter from the sides. 

It's important to remember that one need not decant the wine for long after pouring through the aerator when using one of these devices. Just ten to fifteen minutes should more or less suffice. But, it may not be a good idea to pour delicate white-wines or finely aged red wines through an aerator since they can't handle the vigorous evaporation sustained during the aeration process. 

Wine Funnel

A wine funnel may look like a common kitchen tool but it serves the same function as a wine aerator or decanter. Firstly, a wine funnel is fitted with metal strainers to separate the wine from its sediments. This ensures that the wine consumed is of a much smoother consistency. Secondly, since a wine funnel consists of a curved spigot, there's less chances of wine spilling when poured. Lastly, the intelligent placement of the spigot ensures that the wine flows down its side into the bottle. This motion spurs the act of aeration, thus favorably impacting its flavor profile. 

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