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Wine Gift Sets

Wine Devices carries a selection of beautiful gift sets designed specifically for the wine lover in your life. Many can be customized with the recipient's name or important dates, offering a level of personalization you can't find elsewhere. From friends who are new to the world of wine to those who know their Teroldegos from their Grignolinos, we have the perfect gift to satisfy any wine enthusiast.

They'll love this elegant Pomerol decanter, with its sleek neck and wide, oval-shaped bowl, this vessel will look stunning on any table. Not only is it lovely to look at, it also helps remove grit and sediment from wines and ports, and works to aerate the wine to enhance its flavor. We also have a five-piece decanter set which includes the Pomerol medium decanter, ball stopper, drying stem, funnel, and cleaning balls - everything you need to simplify the decanting process for the perfect glass of wine every time. The funnel assists in catching the sediment before it reaches your glass, and the cleaning balls make it easier than ever to make sure those hard-to-reach crevices are spotless.

Our Celebration Wine Gift Set is another favorite and includes a stainless-steel corkscrew with a knife; a felt-lined wine bottle drip collar; a wine thermometer; and a bottle stopper with a rubber seal so you don't waste any leftover wine. The tools come in a beautiful burgundy-hinged wood box for an elegant presentation. This affordable gift is both thoughtful and functional.

Where noted, these wine gift sets and wine accessories can be personalized with high-quality custom laser engraving, with a minimum quantity required for most products. Please contact us for more information.

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