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Wine Glass Charms

Accessorizing wine glasses is one of the latest trends in vino appreciation. To go all-out with your wine accessorizing, choose from this selection of stylish wine bottle charms and tags from Wine Devices. From simple pens and markers to elegant stem wraps and ID clips, you'll find a variety of options for labeling whose glass is whose.

These wine bottle charm tags make an excellent gift for any wine lover, but they also serve as a fun addition to parties and events. Guests can easily mark their glass so that they can mix and mingle without holding onto their glass every second. No one's glasses get mixed up, which makes for less wasted wine and more social enjoyment.

What Are Wine Glass Charms?

Wine glass charms are small decorative objects that are attached to the stem of a wine glass. Most people use them to personalize their glasses, but they can also be used as an alternative to a coaster or napkin ring. They are a great way to add style and flair to your wine glasses. 

Wine glass charms come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone! Most will fit onto any stemless glassware, such as champagne flutes or shot glasses.

What Are Wine Glass Tags Used For?

Wine glass tags are a popular trend among wine lovers and collectors. They can be used to identify your favorite glass or to show off your style.

The main purpose of these tags is to help you keep track of all your glasses when you're hosting a party or gathering with friends and family. 

These charms are used to identify individual glasses so that you don't accidentally drink from someone else's glass. They also make your wine glasses easier to spot in a crowd, or when they're sitting on the table with other glasses.

Wine glass charms are also great for parties and events where there will be multiple people drinking wine at once. You can put a charm on each person's glass and make sure they get their own drink back after they refill it. This is especially useful if you plan on giving each guest a different kind of wine — it makes it easier for them to know which glass is theirs when you're serving multiple types at once.

What Are These Tags for Wine Glasses Made Out Of?

Wine glass charms are made from many different materials and have many different designs. Some wine glass charms are made from silver or gold, but others are made from plastic or even bone! If you're looking for something that's more affordable, you can find plastic wine glass charms at most stores that sell jewelry and accessories. Some people choose to use a colored ribbon instead of a wine glass charm because it's cheaper and less expensive than buying one online or in a store.

Wholesale Glass Charms

If custom prints are your thing, then the Voxel Prints Custom Charm is something you should buy in bulk. It also makes for a pretty good party, wherein everyone knows whose drink it is, literally.

Personalized Wine Glass Charms

One of the ways we make it even more fun to add charms and labels to wine glasses is to offer imprinting services. Most of the products in this collection can easily be customized with a logo or design of your choosing. Contact Wine Devices to learn more about this unique service.

Charles Viancin Floral Drink Markers

If floral charms are your thing, be sure to get Charles Viancin Floral Drink Markers. These are vibrant, eye-catching, and most importantly, flowery. There is also one for each party member! Buy in bulk and choose which flower fits your personality. 

Simply Charmed Beach Wine Charms

If you imagine yourself in the vicinity of the beach, pouring yourself a nice glass of pinot noir—the Simply Charmed Beach Wine Charms is for you. Filled with animals and items, you will stumble upon the beach; this makes for a good addition to a cocktail party. 

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