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Wine Glass Markers

Whether you're looking for a way to decorate a wine glass at a party or to provide a restaurant's waiters with reliable pens for jotting down orders, Wine Devices carries a great selection of pens and markers for anyone's needs. For the casual wine drinker or the restaurant owner, these handy pens are available for wholesale prices that just about anyone will love. Plus, if you purchase in bulk, Wine Devices will also include reduced bulk prices on your entire order.

Nowadays, there are many wine accessories to make your event stand out and impress your guests, one of which is wine glass markers. 

If you're hosting a house party or an event with guests drinking the same bottle of wine with identical glassware, the glasses can get mixed up at the heart of the party, which is quite unpleasant. You can personalize the glasses with fun glass wine markers to avoid awkwardness. 

What are Wine Glass Markers?

Wine glass markers are fancy non-toxic inks that you can use to write messages and names or draw lovely designs on your wine glasses, tumblers, ceramics, and mirrors. 

These markers write clearly with smooth tips, and you can use them to write on any glass surfaces, decorate gifts, label food containers, or even scribe a personal message on a wine bottle. It can also serve as a fun activity for kids to draw on postcards, walls, or even windows. 

Wine glass markers are great substitutes for wine charms, place cards, and tags. Instead of using old wine tags, you could get a marker to personalize and track the wine glasses at a party. 

The markers come in various colors such as red, gold, silver, purple and green. Irrespective of your choice, the function is just the same. 

Are Markers for Wine Glasses Permanent? 

No. Wine glass markers are completely erasable. The ink dries very quickly within a few seconds of application and can only stay as long as you want them. The markers are also mess-free, and your writing will remain in place until it's no longer needed.

Ideally, using a wine glass marker is straightforward, requiring no experience. Just unlock the cap and proceed with your writing or drawing. 

However, some markers require constant shaking before they can write properly. These types of markers are usually filled with paint instead of ink. So always lookout for these kinds of markers before purchase. 

Wine Pen vs. Wine Markers 

Wine pens are unique and serve the same purposes as wine markers, although there's a difference in design. 

The pens are suitable for parties, wine tasting, or even labeling your coffee or food jars. They can also be used to write birthday messages on wine bottles or ceramic plates.

Markers vs. Tags 

Wine markers and tags are wine accessories designed for different purposes.

Unlike wine markers, which are used to keep track of ownership of wine glasses at a party, wine tags help organize your wine collections. 

Wine lovers can keep records of their favorite collections with tags, even when there is no label attached to the bottles. It is a simple way of separating great wines from your least favorites. 

Aside from that, wine tags can also be used to label homemade wines to let you see what is in the bottle without disturbing the contents. 

Tags come in bright colors and shapes that can shine through any dark environment. 

How Do You Write Your Name on a Wine Glass? 

Writing your name on a wine glass is just as simple as writing itself. Just pick a clean wine glass and write your name on its body using the marker. 

The ink dries up quickly and resists smudges and smears. It also locks in your writing until you wash it off.

Aside from scribing your name on a wine glass, you can use the marker to showcase your creativity. Pick a unique design and customize it on your guest glasses according to the events or themes. 

Our marking pens for wine glass tags are designed especially for writing on our coordinating wine glass ID tags. Simply write a person's name on their tag at a party or tasting, and then easily wipe it off at the end of the night. Neon wine glass markers enable you to write the guest's name right on the glass itself, and they wipe off with just a damp cloth. Wine Devices also carries handsome ballpoint pens that will give a restaurant's waiters a professional look while taking orders.

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