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Wine Label Pins

Our collectible wine corkscrew lapel pins from Wine Devices will dress up a suit lapel, handbag, shirt, dress or gift bag. Just attach with the butterfly clutch clasp. They are available in handsome gift boxes with lids that can be imprinted with names, initials or other words to customize your gift. Order a classic gold-plated or nickel-plated corkscrew lapel pin, a waiter's corkscrew, pocket corkscrew-style lapel pin, a T-handle corkscrew pin or a winged corkscrew lapel pin.

These are expertly crafted reproductions of full-size corkscrews. Present them as gifts for wine club members, as vineyard souvenirs, for upscale wine tastings, or as presents for members of the wedding party. They are very special party favors at yacht club parties, country club galas, corporate retreats, wine bar openings and on wine nights at resorts and hotels. Enjoy special discounts and free shipping on qualifying bulk orders.

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