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Corkscrews & Wine Bottle Openers

Have you ever wrestled with a wine cork and lost the fight? If so, you'll realize the importance of a well-designed corkscrew or bottle opener. There are different types of corkscrews, each with its own following of enthusiasts. If you ask 5 friends what their favorite style of wine bottle opener is, you'll probably get back 5 different answers.

Corkscrews range from basic to elaborate, and from plain steel to brass plated. There's the traditional steel screw typically attached to a wood handle. The sommelier knife (waiter's friend or wine key) includes a small knife to remove the bottle's foil and folds like a pocket knife. A Capitano waiter's corkscrew has an elongated spiral for long corks. As the name "waiter's friend" suggests, you'll frequently see them in restaurants, since the waiter can easily fold it and keep it in their pocket. The twin-prong cork puller (butler's friend or "ah-so") has two prongs that are inserted between the cork and the bottle neck, and then it's twisted to remove the cork. With the wing corkscrew (butterfly or angel corkscrew), you twist the corkscrew worm into the cork and the levers raise up. Pushing them down pulls the cork out. This corkscrew (hand held bottle opener) is common for home use.

More elaborate styles such as mounted corkscrews are designed for wine-serving establishments like bars, restaurants and wineries. The wall-mounted ElectroPull Professional Uncorking Machine and the Zeus Uncorking Wine Opener Machine can remove 500 corks an hour. Other brands offering professional uncorking machines include Tecno, Franmara, Ahh Super!, Ketos and Prestigo.

Some corkscrews include a wooden case that can be laser engraved with your business imprint. Depending on the design, in some cases the corkscrew itself can be imprinted. Most products require a minimum quantity for custom engraving. Please contact us for more information.
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