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Wine Storage Racks

Wine Storage Racks

Wine collectors, enthusiasts and restaurateurs know the importance of properly storing your bottles and Wine Devices takes that responsibility quite seriously. That's why we offer a wide selection of wine storage racks. Whether you're shopping for your personal collection, or need to house 100-plus bottles in your restaurant or shop, you'll find just what you're looking for at affordable prices.

All of our storage racks provide the necessary horizontal display in order to keep the corks moist for easy removal and to preserve the wine at its peak flavor. Your wine will taste its best no matter when it's served. If you're looking for a small rack to display a few bottles at home or in your establishment, the Monterey Wine Racks 6-Bottle Rack is a good choice. Ideal for the collector who's just getting started, this rack is compatible with others in the Monterey line, so you can create the perfect sized storage rack for your collection. The Monterey line, which is part of the renowned Bordex brand, also offers a 12-bottle rack, a 20-bottle rack and a 40-bottle rack.

If you need storage for a commercial space, Monterey's tiered display racks are a stunning way to exhibit your inventory. The One-Meter Tiered Display Rack holds 120 standard bottles of wine. Our largest display kit, the One-Meter Back to Back Tiered Display Rack Kit, holds more than 225 bottles, and like the rest of the line, can be combined with different kits to create a personalized storage system for your collection.

At Wine Devices, we help you enjoy your wine to the last drop by keeping everything stored properly. We also help you retain a professional appearance by offering customization options for our wine storage racks. Add a personalized touch to your purchase by including an imprinted logo or design in your order.

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