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Wine Storage Racks

Wine collectors, enthusiasts, and restaurateurs know the importance of properly storing your bottles, and Wine Devices takes that responsibility quite seriously. That's why we offer a wide selection of wine storage racks. Whether you're shopping for your personal collection, or need to house 100-plus bottles in your restaurant or shop, you'll find just what you're looking for at affordable prices.

There are many ways to store wine bottles, but you should consider getting a wine storage rack if you want to keep things easy and organized. 

What is a Wine Rack?

A wine rack is a storage unit designed to hold your wine collection. It may be a free-standing cabinet in a space in your home or a wall shelf specially designed for holding wine bottles. Either way, the best type of wine rack depends on the size of your wine collection and the space you want to dedicate for your wine storage.  

Wine storage racks are the most efficient and convenient way to organize and show off your wine collection. A wine rack is necessary, whether you are a wine lover or like to have a few bottles at home to entertain your guests.  

For some connoisseurs, using a rack is to keep a few bottles of wine stored away in a place where they could easily access the bottles, but for others, it is to store many bottles locked up in a wine cellar at a specific temperature for long-term use. 

Different Types of Wine Racks 

Below are some of the best types of wine bottle holders. 

Wall Wine Rack 

A wall wine rack is a stylishly designed modern storage system that allows you to store your wine bottles in a simple and space-saving way. 

Wall-mounted wine racks are visually pleasing and ideal for those looking to show off their wine collection. 

Storing your wine collection with wall racks will nicely display your wine preferences for everyone to see, and the best thing about these wine holders is that they come in various designs. 

If you prefer to hang racks on the wall, consider going for the light-weighted wine bottle holders to avoid spoiling your walls. It is easy to install in any part of the house with all the necessary tools supplied. 

Free Standing

Organizing your favorite wine bottles can be fun with Free-Standing wine racks. Whether you're searching for creative solutions out of necessity or decorative desire, these wine holders can help you achieve both. 

There are many Free Standing racks available in the market to suit your lifestyle. It comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs that can fit any space. 

Free-Standing wine holders are mostly made with wrought iron to withstand the test of time while still maintaining beauty. This wine storage accessory is a perfect gift idea for lovers, friends, and acquaintances. 

Bottle Stand 

Bottle Stand is an artistic yet flexible rack for storing wine collection. Depending on the design, it allows you to arrange your favorite bottles in a horizontal, vertical, or slant position. 

However, this wine rack is designed to accommodate only a few bottles of wine for special occasions. They are also relatively affordable compared to other wine bottle holders. 

Fridge Holder

A fridge wine bottle holder is the perfect solution for conveniently keeping your wine chilled. 

It comes in a modern artistic design that saves space and keeps your fridge organized. It is ideal for any wine that is best served chilled or cold.

Combined with the esthetic structure, fridge wine holders are made with durable shatter-resistant materials to increase their longevity. Despite being designed for your fridge, you can also use this rack in the kitchen, dining room, countertops, bar, and wine cellar. 


Wooden storage racks help to display your wine collections in a tropical style. They are made from high quality, durable, and sturdy materials with scratch resistance. 

They are ideal for small and large storage spaces, easily cleaned without soaps, and suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, or cellars. 

Some handmade wooden wine storage racks are sold fully assembled, so you don't need to worry about installations. 


Bamboo wine storage racks are made of 100% natural bamboo. This type of wine rack generally holds fewer bottles than the wall racks. However, you can store between 10 and 20 bottles of your favorite wines on a Bamboo rank. 

The wine bottle holder comes in various styles to store your wine in vertical and horizontal positions.  

If you don't have a large space to install enormous storage racks, these bamboo holders are ideal. 


Another excellent choice for wine storage is metal bottle racks, and they are great for many reasons. 

Wine racks made of metal are suitable for wine lovers with large collections and space. They're also great for winemakers and restaurants because of their ability to hold large wine bottles. 

Metal wine bottle holders are made with strong materials to withdraw wear and tear. They are suitable for storing wine bottles in a climate-controlled room that allows proper aging. 

Which Wine Shelf is Right For You? 

Whether you're a wine expert or someone who loves to drink wine, choosing the right wine racks can make a big difference in your wine storage system. 

Before buying a wine bottle holder, there are certain factors to consider, including knowing the number of wine bottles you currently own, the amount of storage space in your home or bar, and how much you are willing to invest in storage space. 

Once you have considered the factors mentioned above, you will be able to choose a wine storage rack that best suits your needs. 

How Big Should a Wine Storage Racks

A wine rack can either be big or small, depending on the available space in your home. No matter the size of your wine collection, you will find the right rack and storage system for it. 

Any wine rack is a good storage option if you take appropriate measurements of your space. 

Wholesale Wine Racks for Sale 

Finding wholesale wine racks for sale has never been easier. Shop with us for fast shipping and wholesale pricing on more than 1k+ wine storage racks and accessories. 

All of our storage racks provide the necessary horizontal display in order to keep the corks moist for easy removal and to preserve the wine at its peak flavor. Your wine will taste its best no matter when it's served. If you're looking for a small rack to display a few bottles at home or in your establishment, the Monterey Wine Racks 6-Bottle Rack is a good choice. Ideal for the collector who's just getting started, this rack is compatible with others in the Monterey line, so you can create the perfect-sized storage rack for your collection. The Monterey line, which is part of the renowned Bordeaux brand, also offers a 12-bottle rack, a 20-bottle rack, and a 40-bottle rack.

If you need storage for a commercial space, Monterey's tiered display racks are a stunning way to exhibit your inventory. The One-Meter Tiered Display Rack holds 120 standard bottles of wine. Our largest display kit, the One-Meter Back to Back Tiered Display Rack Kit, holds more than 225 bottles, and like the rest of the line, can be combined with different kits to create a personalized storage system for your collection.

At Wine Devices, we help you enjoy your wine to the last drop by keeping everything stored properly. We also help you retain a professional appearance by offering customization options for our wine storage racks. Add a personalized touch to your purchase by including an imprinted logo or design in your order.

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