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Use the wine tags from Wine Devices to label stemware, bottles and more - they can add function, fun or both. We have paper tags you can use to identify what wine is being served. These reusable tags with washable surfaces are favorites of restaurants, wine bars and vineyards that offer wine flights. Reusable wine tags can identify a "flight," of reds, whites or both, Green grapes for whites are printed on one side of the sturdy tags, and red grapes for red wines are printed on the other.

We can imprint with your restaurant, bar, club, catering company or vineyard name on request. Just contact our imprint experts. Our wine bottle ID tags help you keep track of your bottles when you can't see the label. For example, if they're stored horizontally in a wine rack or refrigerator, just write the name of the wine or type on the label and hang from the top of the bottle.

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