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Wine Tasting Accessories

As wine tastings continue to grow in popularity, it's imperative to have the essential tools to create the perfect experience for your guests. Wine Devices is your one-stop shop for all of your wine-tasting accessories, from thermometers and spittoons to a blind wine-tasting kit and guides that show you how to pair wine and food. We have everything you need to make your next tasting a success.

Wine tasting is the process of trying out locally fermented drinks at a winery, store, or restaurant. The practice provides an avenue to learn more about wine as the host usually educates the taster while serving them with the original aromas. 

There are many reasons people indulge in wine tasting; it could be for a wedding reception, birthday celebration, fundraising event, or upcoming wine exam. 

Having the perfect wine tasting accessory will help make the process more fun as you hunt for the best wines for your event. 

What are Wine Tasting Kits?

Wine tasting kits are accessories designed to help improve the process of trying different wines. These tools allow you to learn more about the aroma, flavor, texture, and quality of wines. 

There are many brands of wine tasting kits, and each comes with specialized tools to help you assess a particular bottle of wine without altering its tastes and aroma.

While some kits are made for physical tasting, others are for virtual wine tasting. Virtual wine tasting kits are for people who have been restricted from moving around due to the COVID-19. They are also for individuals who prefer to taste wine online from the comfort of their homes without visiting the winery or store. 

Who Uses Wine Tasting Accessories

Oenophiles, students, and wine experts use wine tasting accessories to increase their knowledge of wine variations. However, anyone interested in trying out or learning about different wines can use wine tasting kits. 

The principles of wine tasting are easy to learn and will help sharpen your senses to identify what kinds of wine you enjoy most and why you like them. It can seem a little daunting at first, but mastering the act of tasting is vital for choosing the best wine.

What's a Wine Taster - Sommelier?

The word "sommelier" traditionally refers to a "wine steward." However, the meaning of the sommelier has changed over the years to a more holistic concept. 

Today, a sommelier is a professionally trained individual with expertise in different aspects of wine like wine tasting, wine theory, and wine service.

Sommeliers are often found in the hospitality industry as they are well equipped to help restaurants understand the essential aspects of wines. They also help train hotel staff, develop wine lists for restaurants, and manage wine inventories.

Those interested in becoming sommeliers can undergo professional training at accredited institutions.

Some notable institutions include the Association of Italian Sommeliers (AIS) in Italy, the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS) located in the United Kingdom, and the North American Sommelier Association (NASA) in both Canada and the United States.

Also, note that there are different levels of wine sommeliers, just like there are various levels of education. Master sommeliers are the highest level to attain and are often paid higher than regular sommeliers.

How to Become a Wine Expert

Becoming a wine expert requires commitment and patience, as you need to start from ground zero. Every step requires a detailed understanding to excel and progress to the next one.

The first step to becoming a wine expert is developing your wine palate, which involves tasting a series of wines to understand the subtleties. At this point, it is essential to know that you're not tasting the wines for pleasure; rather, to understand the flavors, aromas, and what makes them unique. Don't just pour the wine and gulp it down to your throat without swirling it around your mouth.

Explore other brands of wine different from what you have tasted in the past. This is known as trying the "Aha" wines, and they are grown in different regions from where you prefer.

Read wine books. There are plenty of books written about wines; pick one and read. Some books are focused on wine-making processes like fermentation, while some are regular wine books covering other wine-related topics. 

As you progress into the different levels of becoming an expert, your palates will gradually evolve. Venture into more wine tastings and choose the boldest wines like Petit Verdot, Touriga Nacional, and Shiraz Malbec.

Wholesale Wine Tasting Kits

Wholesale wine tasting kits combine several wine tasting accessories in one package. Instead of buying a single tasting kit, you can go for wholesale wine tasting kits. This way, you save money and have more options to taste wines with different tools.

If you or someone you know is just starting out on a wine journey, the Aromabar Starter Sets will teach you how to properly describe the various wine scents. We offer a set for both red and white wines, each with three common essences found in each wine. Before you know it, you'll be able to detect gooseberry and pear, popular in white wine, and cedar and cherry, found in reds. If you're looking to further increase your knowledge, we offer larger essences sets that will teach you to identify the different characteristics of a wine's nose.

One of the most important tools at a wine tasting is the receptacle or spittoon. During a tasting, guests should focus on the nose, as well as the color and flavor. Guests are enjoying a wide variety of different wines, so a taste is all they need to appreciate the flavor. The spittoon helps prevent them from consuming too much wine. We have a variety of different receptacles, including stainless steel and acrylic, so you have your choice of styles.

Many of our accessories may be personalized with our optional imprinting services. Contact Wine Devices to learn more about the customization process.

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