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What’s a Wing Corkscrew?

One of the most common wine openers found in kitchens and home bars around the world is the wing corkscrew, also known as a butterfly corkscrew or an angel corkscrew. They're simple yet efficient and are very easy to use. Simply center the worm on the wine bottle cork and twist the top handle so it screws in. As it goes deeper, the arms will raise. Once it's fully inserted, just push down the arms, and the cork is removed.

As the lips come closer to the circular rim, it feels like it is going higher and higher. The wings seem to spread, and the epiphany of something beautiful is bound to come. What do you think we are talking about?

The wing corkscrew is just that device. Its circular rim fits into the lip of the bottle just fine. After this, all you have to do is unscrew it. Too many carnal innuendos? Let’s get into the technicalities then. 

How Does a Wing Handle Corkscrew Work? 

Before we mention its mechanism, let’s delve a bit into the mechanical parts. A wing corkscrew has three important parts—a self-centering rim, a non-stick worm, and a pair of winged levers.

Now, once you place the rim around the lip of the bottle, it ensures a near-perfect fit. From here, the worm takes control. It goes deep into the cork and ensures a tight fit. The worm is twisted into the cork, and this is where the levers are raised. 

Once so, all one needs to do is put some pressure while pulling the cork out. We’ll get more into the “how-to” right now. 

How Do You Get the Cork out of it? 

Simply stating, all you need to do is work in the direction of the winged corkscrew. But mind you, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Safe to state, follow the said sequence to make the corkscrew do its job most efficiently. 

Put the bottle on a flat surface. This is done to ensure, quite obviously, the least damage to the bottle itself. 

Now remove the foil from the bottle. This would give you better exposure to the cork itself. This can be a bit tricky, though. There might be bottles without pull tabs so to state. What do you do here? 

There are two ways. First—you can either rip the capsule off in its entirety. Or you can use a foil cutter to increase the area along which the lip will attach with your self-centering rim. 

Once this is done, lift the wings of the corkscrew. This is done to get a healthy grip on the base of the corkscrew. Make sure to do this bit with your weaker or less-dominant hand. Place this base on top of the bottleneck. 

Here is where your other or dominant hand comes into play. With this, you aim the tip of the worm in a central position with regard to the cork. You will have to do this till you can see that the cork has completely been penetrated. A good reference point is to see the wings of the corkscrew—they should be forming a V-shape by now. Much like wings. 

Now use both your hands to drive the cork back and forth across and through the bottle. After this, all you have to do is remove the cork from the corkscrew. Twist until the worm comes out. 

Benefits of a Winged Corkscrew

As humans, we don’t get anything unless it has benefits—and the winged corkscrew is no exception. There are mostly two benefits to getting the winged corkscrew. 

First, it is pretty affordable. Considering how expensive wines and their accessories can get, a corkscrew in comparison is chump change. 

Second, it is reliable. It is mechanically stable, constructed to perfection, and it leaves behind next-to-none amounts of cork. 

It also happens to be aesthetically pleasing. But you don’t pay just for the looks, right? 

Why is it Different from the Rest? 

While it follows similar functionality, the winged corkscrew is different from the rest. First, it doesn’t pose any extra chemical jargon like the use of noble gasses in cork pops. It also is just as compact as the waiter’s corkscrew, but at the same time packs a lot more geometrical efficiency. Just so you know, it also resembles butterflies unlike the others, which brings us to…

Why is it also called a Butterfly Corkscrew?

This is a no-brainer. One glance at it working in its acumen—and you will understand what we are talking about. When the worm is at its deepest, you can see the wings of the corkscrew at their maximum potential—resembling a butterfly.

Wholesale Wing Corkscrews

Now that you know the ins and outs of the wing corkscrew, all you need is to get a bunch of them right away. Considering how appropriate they are like gifts; you can choose to get these in bulk. It saves a lot of money too!

We have top-quality winged corkscrew openers, from basic models to artistic designs. While chrome plating is the most common, you can also choose from various colors. More unusual styles include a corkscrew with a translucent body and Teflon spiral, corkscrews with built-in foil cutters, a Teflon coated corkscrew, a heavy-duty industrial design, and a burnished old-world corkscrew. You can also choose either a spiral or auger worm.

Certain models can be personalized with high-quality custom laser engraving of a business logo, with a minimum quantity required for most products. Please contact us for more information.

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