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Celebrating over 20,000+ happy customers with free shipping for orders over $100!
Celebrating over 20,000+ happy customers with free shipping for orders over $100!


Press Release: New Site Relaunch

Contact: Dimitri Vorona

Wine Devices Launches New and Improved Website for Wine-Lovers and Other Shoppers

New Site is Designed Around a Customer-Centric Shopping and Browsing Experience

LIVINGSTON, N.J. - Wine Devices, your source for all of your wine and bar needs, has relaunched its site with a completely revamped shopping experience. (Early reports indicate that wine-lovers are rejoicing.) With an improved navigation, easier-to-find products and a number of other enhancements, the new website is certain to be a boon for shoppers.

Wine Devices specializes in providing a variety of products to enhance the wine-drinking experience and make it easier for you to tend to your bar. For extracting optimal flavors and aromas from wine, for example, there's an ample selection of high-end wine decanters and aerators offered. Of course, you'll find an assortment of other essentials, too, including glassware, bottle openers and much more.

At Wine Devices, we carry the best brands and products for a luxurious feel. If you are looking to bring your wine-tasting and wine-drinking to the highest level of taste and aesthetics, we have what you are looking for. Many of the designs we carry can lift the feeling and flow of a room with their elegant, classical look. Wine aeration systems are some of the items we carry, and these systems are the perfect way to take drinking wine to a sophisticated level that enhances the palette and signature notes of your favorite wines.

At Wine Devices, we ship to locations all over the United States and Canada. We even offer free shipping on orders over $99. Many of the products on our site can be customized with logos and other designs. Customizable products are ideal for businesses looking to provide an experience to their customers that is beyond the basic level.

If you are part of an upscale restaurant, bar, or involved in classy event planning, Wine Devices can help you give your customers and clients the best wine drinking experience available. With us, you can buy in bulk many of the best wine enhancing products out there. Our costs on many of our products are lower than you can find them anywhere else. Wine Devices can also customize items for wineries who want to provide an exclusive wine drinking night out that will immerse customers in the flavors and smells of truly great wine. We have the elegant, chic wine products you need.