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Air-Flow Pourer

Air-Flow Pourer

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Product Code: 8222

When it comes to champagne and sparkling wines, the more bubbles the better. Champagne and sparkling wines aren't simply for toasts and New Year's Eve either. You can even enjoy them with meals. Use the Air-Flow Pourer from Wine Devices to give some more bubbles to the bubbly.

The Air-Flow Pourer has three separate chambers that actually create bubbles as the liquid is poured into the glass. The pourer provides a medium flow. The accessory is 3 3/4" tall and 1" in diameter. The pourer is clear on the top while the part that is inserted into the bottle is black.

Many of Wine Devices' accessories and products are available for custom imprint. However, the Air-Flow Pourer is not.

Guest will love the extra bubbles in the bubbly from the Air-Flow Pourer.

No Imprint Available.