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Alfresco Wine Picnic Set

Alfresco Wine Picnic Set

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Product Code: 8550SET

When planning your next picnic - particularly a romantic picnic - complete with sharing a glass of wine, you want that extra little touch of class to impress. That's why you want to have a wine picnic set. The Alfresco Wine Picnic Set from Wine Devices is a three-piece set, each with stakes. Two hold the wine glasses; the other holds the bottle, and its spiral-wound heavy steel makes it extra sturdy. The bottle holder stands 11 inches high, with a 4-3/8-inch diameter; the wine glass holder is 10-5/8 inches high, with a 3-inch diameter.

Of course, you must bring the wine and glasses. If bringing actual glasses gives you pause for fear of breakage, you can find acrylic glasses for sale, among others, here at Wine Devices.