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All-In-One DropStop (No Imprint-Grape Motif)- No Minimum

All-In-One DropStop (No Imprint-Grape Motif)- No Minimum

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When pouring wine at a dinner party, restaurant or a wine pouring, you always want a smooth, clean flow. Nothing will ruin that special moment like errant drops falling onto your clean tablecloth. Typically, the droplets run down the side of the bottle. This is both embarrassing as well as unsightly. The result is often a stain. However, there is a simple solution to this common problem; a DropStop. A DropStop is a disc that fit snugly against the side of the bottle to prevent drops from spilling out.

The All-In-One DropStop from Wine Devices is the answer. Wine will reliably flow with a DropStop (8065). The All-In-One DropStop is integrated with a neck hanger. Both are made of the same material. A simple perforation allows you to easily separate the DropStop from the hanger and use the disc in the bottle. The overall dimensions of the All-In-One DropStop are 5 1/8" x 3". While imprinting is available for a majority of Wine Device accessories, it is not for the All-In-One DropStop.

The All-In-One DropStop is such a simple solution to a frustrating proble. When you are done pouring just lift the bottle. The flow of liquid is abruptly cut off. With this easy-to-use device inserted into the bottle neck, you will come off as quite the wine connoisseur and smoothly enjoy the moment with your guests. No drips and no need for a napkin or paper towel.

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