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Bamboo Cheese Tools Case/Cutting Board (out of stock)

Bamboo Cheese Tools Case/Cutting Board (out of stock)

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Product Code: 1097

Cut your cheese in style by using this elegant cutting board from Wine Devices. Made from environmentally friendly bamboo, the board features an indented border and an attractive wood grain. However, this isn't your average cheese board. Open up the slide-out drawer to reveal a surprise: three handy cheese tools conveniently stashed underneath. The tools (a 9" soft cheese knife, an 8 ½" hard cheese knife and an 8 ½" cheese plane) fit perfectly into their notched and fitted compartments for safe keeping until you need them.

This unique cheese board makes an elegant display at any restaurant, bar or special event. It's also makes for a lovely gift item, especially when you take advantage of the 4" x ½" laser imprinting area available along the top, bottom or side border. This bamboo cutting board with built-in cheese tools drawer measures 8 ½" x 10 ¾" x 1 ¾" and weighs 3 ¼ lbs.

Laser Imprint area: on border at top, bottom or side 4" X 1/2"

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