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Bar-Pull Cork Remover, Wall Mount, Brass Plated

Bar-Pull Cork Remover, Wall Mount, Brass Plated

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Product Code: 5515

You'll always have a corkscrew handy with this wall-mounted Bar-Pull Cork Remover. This appliance is easy to install with a screwdriver or drill. It mounts to the wall to make sturdy, quick work of uncorking bottles. This is ideal for bars and restaurants, while some wine connoisseurs will also want to have this installed in their home kitchen to make that nightly bottle of wine easy to open.

The Bar-Pull Cork Remover is brass plated to match gold and brass details of the bar or kitchen. The corkscrew has an attractive wooden handle for a comfortable grip. Simply put the bottle in place and pull the lever to insert the worm into the cork, then push the lever to remove the cork. Restaurants will appreciate the ease in opening bottles quickly to fill drink orders and keep things running behind the bar. The device measures 21-inches in length and 3 3/8-inches in width.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Angel Malaret
Excellent Cork Remover

So far, so good! It is an excellent addition to my minibar.

So dumb

I ordered my wall mounted corkscrew in late November. They said it would be late but would arrive by December 5. That would've been fine because it was a Christmas present. It didn't get to my sister until February 20. So much for having it on Christmas.

Pete Pederson
Need repair screw mechanison

When depressing handle the screw does not turn. Instead of entering the cork it pushes the cork into the bottle, forcing wine out of the bottle.
The corkscrew does not work. The screw mechanism needs replacing.