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Bar-Pull Worm Kit

Bar-Pull Worm Kit

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Product Code: 90-550012

Wall-mounted and counter-mounted corkscrews are indispensable for any bar or restaurant. The first part to break on this permanent fixture is often the corkscrew, or worm. You don't have to replace the whole device, you can get a new worm kit for your bar pull. It's easy to replace and you'll be back uncorking bottles in no time. This Bar-Pull Worm Kit works with wall and counter-mounted Bar-Pull Cork Removers. The Bar-Pull Worm Kit is a cost-effective way to keep your bar up and running, and uncorking the best vintages you have in your cellar. We ship quickly, though it might be useful to have a spare Worm Kit on hand for that occasion when you need a quick replacement to keep drinks flowing. This item is not printable.