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Bon Service Decanter Gift Set (5 pieces)

Bon Service Decanter Gift Set (5 pieces)

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Product Code: 9450SET

The Bon Service Decanter Gift Set is a match made in heaven for the wine lovers and foodies in your life. It contains all of the essentials for decanting wine perfectly with every attempt. This set comes with five must-have tools including: the Pomerol Medium Decanter, a Decanter Ball Stopper, a Decanter Drying Stem to aid in drip drying, a Decanter Funnel and Decanter Cleaning Balls.

Decanting is a vital part of enjoying wines of a certain vintage. It allows the delicious wine to be separated from the sediment or the dregs. This five piece set will outfit the novice and the seasoned wine drinker with everything they need.

For serious wine lovers, every item in this set is something they've dreamed about getting or something they can't have too many of. Unique touches like the ball-shaped decanter stoppers can be used with other decanters as well, not just the Pomerol that comes with the set. The drying stem and the cleaning balls are other examples of tools that can be reused and repurposed.


  • Pomerol Medium Glass Decanter
  • Stylish ball stopper
  • Cleaning balls for preserving freshness
  • Drying stem for streak-free shine
  • Decanter funnel for precision decanting
  • Imprinting area available