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Celebrating over 20,000+ happy customers with free shipping for orders over $100!
Celebrating over 20,000+ happy customers with free shipping for orders over $100!


Bota Bag, Leather, Latex-lined, One Liter

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You don't have to be a shepherd out in the field to enjoy liquid refreshment from a bota bag. You wouldn't want one like that anyway, as they're traditionally made of goatskin and lined with goat bladder! Instead, you can get an excellent alternative from Wine Devices that's similar to a canteen or flask.

This leather bota bag is lined with latex, which keeps the liquid true to taste, and holds up to a liter; yet, it's easy to store when empty. Use it as a wine bota bag, or any other drink you desire. It also comes with an added touch - a red braided shoulder strap. As you can see, this bag is perfect for hiking, biking, picnics or any other activity.

The bota wine bag has a generous area for your custom imprint. For another added touch, you have the option of having your bag imprinted with screen pad print. The imprint area is 2½ inches by 5 inches.

Love drinking wine but tired of all of the liquid receptacles the market has to offer? Sometimes, modern problems require more traditional solutions. One great way to carry your wine (and to carry more wine) is via a bota bag. If you’re looking for a leather drinking pouch that beats out any flask, let’s take a closer look at a leather bota bag to see what it has to offer. 

What Are Bota Bags?

Bota bags are leather drinking pouches that hail from Spain. They’re usually pear-shaped, featuring a spout at the tip, and they’re traditionally used for wine. This makes a bota bag for wine drinkers the perfect switch over from water bottles or flasks. However, they can hold any type of beverage you may want. 

What Does a Leather Bota Bag Do?

So, what does a bota bag do? A bota bag is capable of holding up to three liters of liquid, and it features a shoulder strap so that you can easily carry it around with you. They also have some insulation, which can help keep your cool drinks cooler. Some of them may feature clips as well, making it easy to attach your leather bota bag to a backpack or belt loop. 

What Are They Made From?

Bota bags typically have an exterior made from organic materials, like leather. The interior of this leather drinking pouch features an industrial-grade plastic bladder to ensure that your liquids stay contained, stay cool, and don’t leak out. If you’re tired of materials that aren’t working to keep your wine or other beverages cool or you’re eco-conscious and you want something that will last for a long time and is made more responsibly, leather bota bags might be a better alternative for you? 

How Do I Care for My Bota Bag?

The type of care that your bota bag for wine requires depends on what type of material its interior is made out of. For example, let’s imagine that you have a bota bag with a plastic interior. These types of materials are very easy to clean, and you will simply need to wash out your bag with water and let it dry. If you use certain leather bota bags for special occasions, make sure that your bag is completely dry so it doesn’t grow any mold on the inside. 

If you have a specialty bota bag like one that features a pine resin interior, you will want to first cure the interior with cheap wine for three days, remove this wine, and follow the directions above after every use, also laying it on its side so that the sides don’t stick together when you’re drying it out. If you’re using it sparingly, you can keep brandy in it and swirl it around to prevent mold growth. 

Most leather bota bags should come with directions, so make sure you read those carefully to get more insight into how you can use your bota bag for wine safely!

Can I Personalize It?

Personalized bota bags do exist! If you want a bota bag that matches your unique style, you can easily find one with the colors that appeal most to you!

Flasks and other containers don’t do it for everyone, especially those who might be attending festivals or parties where they want to have more wine on hand to enjoy throughout the night. This is where bota bags come in! If you’re looking for something like a leather bota bag, use the guide above to learn more about these bota bags for wine and how you can find the right personalized bota bag for your needs.