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Ceramic Wine Candle

Ceramic Wine Candle

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Are you a fan of the repurposing and recycling? The Ceramic Candle is definitely for you! It offers a cost effective and creative way to repurpose empty wine bottles before the head for the trash. Brighten up a room or create the perfect mood lighting for a romantic evening. The Ceramic Candle can be used with wine bottles off most sizes and shapes. Experiment with different bottles and glass colors for different occasions.

The wine candle has a large wick running through it. It's shaped like a stopper or the cork of a wine bottle. The ceramic candle will slide into the neck of your bottle. To set up your wine bottle candle, start by filling the bottle with lamp oil. Place the wick and the candle in the bottle with the shorter end of the wick that pokes out of the top of the candle facing upwards. The rest of the wick that extends from the bottom of the candle will feed into the lamp oil. Place your wine bottle lamp in your desired location and light it up!

Built out of old and used wine bottles, ceramic wine candles with evident wick are a growing and respectable product that needs more sincerity.


Ceramic Wine Candles are fascinating and aesthetic options that one can use to reuse the waste material to build something beguiling. The invention of wine bottles for candles is a genius way to give your room a standard that filters the smell of the room and cleans viruses around.


The world is at the edge of extreme environmental threat, with inordinate pollutants that we, common people, dissolve in the surroundings. We must take steps to consider the brilliant 3Rs that were preached to us since we understood the meaning of pollution.  Wine wick Candles with ceramic edges have different wick lengths, and could easily be your room savior. 


  • A cost effective way to reuse wine bottles
  • Ceramic candle dimensions: 1 1/4" by 3/4"
  • Colors: Tan, Burgundy and Black
  • Lamp oil sold separately

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Kelli Stricklin


Jeffrey Mitchell
Great product

Very happy with my purchase. The wick's burn nicely and the wick holder stays secure in the bottle top.


We bought these to use for my daughter's wedding. We tried several different methods but could never get the wick to pull the oil up, and actually burn the oil...instead it would just burn the wick itself ashes and then die out.

Linda Pole
Ceramic wine candle

Just waiting for the back ordered items . Items were just what I wanted thanks . Just hope remainder come before holidays for gifts..

Suzanne Gartzke
Gifts for friends

These worked out great as party favors at a wine party.